Shipping containers are built to be flexible to best fit your needs but are also extremely strong and long-lasting.

Shipping containers are extremely popular in the construction industry, whether that be because of their use as a construction medium or how they excel with storage and transport.

Shipping containers have been used to build even pools and clinics, workplaces, residences, resorts, and mobile classrooms. It takes a few modifications to really get your container adapted how you need it to be.

image - Shipping Containers Converted into Offices

Shipping Containers Converted Into Offices

New vs. Used Containers

Shipping containers come in a number of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to source one that most closely fits your needs, and not have to waste money on space that you will never need or use.

Ideally, you’re obviously going to want the newest container you can get. But depending on your budget and needs you may be better off looking into used or what is known as “single-use” containers.

These single-use containers have only been used to transport goods one time, so theoretically they should be in nearly-new condition still, buying one of these can save you quite a bit of money.

Portable Offices are Customizable

Container offices can be customized to a degree you may not believe! The key is that these are made of steel, a very strong metal that is easy to work with and adapt to your needs.

The bigger the shipping-container, the more options you will have to work with. With an expert welder on hand, your options are near limitless.

Even those that simply use their containers for storage are amazed at just how easy they are to use. For the best Mobile offices check out our friends at portable mobile offices.

Why Use a Shipping Container?

Portable shipping container offices are produced from ISO standard steel containers. They can be easily transported on conventional cargo container ships, cargo planes and even trucks and rail.

For its weight this steel is about as strong as you can get, it has an incredible ability to withstand the elements.

The unlimited customization also means that from an office to a mini-server farm that you need to keep locked uptight, your container can be made to fit anything you need perfectly.

That’s what makes it so much better than an actual room or office that’s inside a building, there you are really limited with what you can work with.

Also, your office can literally be loaded onto a truck and taken exactly where you need it, talk about convenience!

Potential Uses for Portable Mobile Offices

Truly we must say the possible number of uses are near-infinite, the customizability of your office is only limited by what you are looking for!

In the past, they’ve been for everything from massive pools to cold-storage for meat and other perishable goods.

Here are just a few of the most common uses we’ve seen out there that may inspire you.


Any construction job of note is going to need a good central office on-site to keep all relevant plans and even expensive tools in.

You will now have all the space you need to layout plans, make last-minute changes, and just have a central base of operation.

For all of your workers, it can also serve as a great place to get out of the sun for a bit on a hot day. Storage space is extremely easy to add-on as well.

Special Events:

Special events and festivals are the perfect opportunities to use our mobile office containers. An office gives management a place to keep devices charged, have a central meeting place, and more.

They can be used as main offices, meeting points, first aid station locations, and so much more.

Break Rooms:

From a fairground to the festival, a shipping container can be adapted to make the perfect place to get a break from the elements.

If it’s cold, these containers can be insulating and heated from the inside, and if it’s warm out electricity can be hooked up so you can just plug in an air conditioner and go about your business comfortably. You can’t beat the accessibility.

If you couldn’t tell by now mobile office containers are more than just a run of the mill office you can rent.

It’s a highly portable and highly-customizable office and storage space that you can have anywhere you need it in mere days. Portable mobile offices put your average office trailer to shame, it can’t even compare.