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Can A Home Improvement Contractor Pull Permits

When you decide to begin a home improvement project, you will have to think about colour, style, and whether you need to hire a professional contractor to do the job.

But the most crucial thing to keep in mind is determining if you need a building permit from the town or county.

image - Can A Home Improvement Contractor Pull Permits
Can A Home Improvement Contractor Pull Permits

An experienced renovation contractor says getting the right permits will give you peace of mind before you commence the home improvement project.

It is essential to know why permits are required and why you need to get them. In this article, you will learn more about permits and why hiring a home improvement contractor is vital.

Understanding Building Permits

Building permits are written agreements given by a county or city to allow you to commence a construction project.

They are needed for several remodelling or construction projects to ensure the projects comply with the construction, building, and zoning codes.

Even though the process will vary depending on the region, the standard steps to getting a permit are:

  • Apply for a permit.
  • Develop a site plan for your construction or remodelling project. If the project is massive, you will have to hire a professional architect to draw the project and demonstrate how it will meet the building and zoning codes.
  • Book an appointment to get the plan approved. You might get the project approved in a one-on-one meeting. The city might take some time to evaluate the plans. If the town needs revisions, the process may be prolonged before approval.
  • Get the construction permit. If a permit is needed, you will have to get it before you begin the construction project.
  • Book inspections. As you engage in the construction project, you will have to book inspections so that the county or city can verify you are adhering to the rules.
  • Complete the construction project and get approved by the city.

When Do You Need to Get a Construction Permit?

Getting a permit will depend on the local rules. There are several situations where you will need a permit.

For example, if you seek to add a guest house or remodel your home, you will have to reach out to local regulators and determine whether you need a permit.

Other home improvement projects that require permits include kitchen upgrades, home renovations, mechanical or electrical work.

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How to Get a Construction Permit

Determining what is required for the permit can be a challenging process. That is why it is crucial to find a reliable contractor who has done it before.

Before you get a permit, some forms should be filled correctly, and later, you will have to pay fees to the city for the permit to be approved.

If you follow the right steps, the permit will be approved, or you might be needed to make some vital changes to complete the application.

Don’t make the mistake of starting any construction project until all the permits have been accepted.

When you begin any home improvement project, you will have to reach out to a professional contractor and get to know what is involved in the entire process.

Following each step will make the process straightforward.

Who Helps You Get the Permit?

If you hired a professional contractor, it is recommended that the contractor gets the permit on your behalf.

This is crucial because the person who gets the permit should be the same person who is handling the construction project.

If you decide to pull the permit yourself, you will be seen as the contractor and held accountability should something wrong happen during construction.

Experienced contractors are familiar with the process of pulling permits and will know what to do. The contractor you will hire may have an excellent relationship with the city.

In contrast, if the contractor bills you by the hour, you might save money by applying for the permit and delivering it to the relevant officials yourself.

The project’s scope will help you choose the ideal way to get your permit from the city.

What If I Ignore Getting the Permit?

If your construction project needs a permit, you will have to get one. If you hire a contractor who thinks getting one isn’t necessary, you need to think about hiring another professional.

As much as the process looks challenging, getting a permit will give you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to deal with the city.

Dealing with a construction project without a legitimate permit may put your project at risk; it may be shut down. Also, there is a chance that the city may force you to pay more than you had anticipated.