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Tips for Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

Have you been thinking about embarking on a home improvement project but you’re not really sure about getting the right contractor for the job? Regardless of the remodeling project that you’re undertaking, there will be a couple of considerations to keep in mind when hiring renovation companies and we’re going to highlight some of them.

image - Tips for Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor
Tips for Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

Get Recommendations

Before you can start searching on the internet for such a contractor, you should start by asking for recommendations. Friends and family will guide you in the right direction. You’re likely to be faced with a couple of recommendations.

It is still important that you’re doing due diligence on the recommendations provided so that you’re getting the right contractor for the job. A reputable contractor will be easy to get in touch with and will not have any trouble when you ask for references.

New Look Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations is an example of a remodeling company that can be trusted to do a good job with the interior renovations of your home.

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License and Certification

One of the easy ways of separating the grain from the chaff is by asking for a license and certifications. The license that the contractor should possess will depend on the particular projects that they’ll be working on.

This is mainly because there will be different legal requirements from one state to another. In addition to the license requirements, there could be local permits that are needed before the contractor is allowed to work on your property.

Any reputable contractor will ensure that they’re doing everything by the book to avoid potential trouble with the law. Any contractor that doesn’t have the right credentials should be crossed off from your list.

Follow Up with the References

Following up with the references should be a common practice whenever you’re working with a contractor in your home. The reference list should consist of at least 10 jobs that the contractor has handled in the past.

When reaching out to the references, you’d want to have detailed notes on the questions that you’d want to ask them.

There are contractors that will not be too willing to provide the references. Even if they do, there could be big-time gaps between the projects. This could be a sign that the contractor doesn’t have a lot of customers.

There is nothing wrong with questioning such anomalies as you’ll be paying for the service.  A client with a positive experience will be more than happy to recommend the contractor.

Review Sample of Finished Work

When the references have agreed to meet in person, you can decide to review the work of the remodeling contractor. Ideally, you should be looking for homeowners whose projects are similar to yours.

They should be forthcoming about their experience working with the contractor.

Get Bids

It is important to know how much you’ll be expected to pay for the project. You could be having a budget in mind but not sure of what you can achieve with it. When you reach out to multiple contractors, it is easy to have an idea of the estimates for the project.

Any reputable remodeling contractor should provide a cost breakdown of the project. There should be transparency with the pricing as you’d not want to overpay for the service.


You shouldn’t agree to work with a remodeling contractor that doesn’t provide a contract. A contract is legally binding and is supposed to hold both parties accountable. It will include all the details about the project. A contract will prevent any issues that might arise when working with the contractor.

You should be wary of a contractor that will use pressure tactics to try and convince you to sign the contract without looking at it. The devil is always in the details and you should ask for clarification in case some things are not clear.

Bottom Line

It will be your responsibility to research the contractor that will be handling the home improvement project. The research process should be thorough if you’re to get value for money.

There is no reason why any contractor will want to be paid everything upfront when the work has not started. To avoid dealing with shady contractors, you should narrow down the search to your locality.

A local contractor will have a reputation to maintain and wouldn’t want to take shortcuts just to make a couple of bucks when the quality of work has been compromised.