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Should You Bake Cookies Before Your Real Estate Showing?

Everyone knows the classic real estate showing scenario, one where you bake cookies and show your viewers around the home while offering them one.

But, is this still how things should be done?

Should real estate showing agents still be baking cookies before showing homes? Is the scent too distracting or does it remind them at home?

image - Should You Bake Cookies Before Your Real Estate Showing
Should You Bake Cookies Before Your Real Estate Showing

We are going to discuss the answers as well as different approaches to all of these questions. Keep reading to see if you should continue baking cookies or simply invest in a candle.

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What to Do for a Real Estate Showing

Yes, baking cookies in a new home will give a fantastic scent throughout the house.

However, new research indicates that consumers may be distracted by the smell rather than enlightened by it.

In fact, a study conducted in Switzerland found that the smell of cookies is one of the worst smells to have in the home during the showing.

They found that many of the participants were trying to figure out what the smell was rather than focusing on the house itself.

This can make it extremely difficult to catch the consumers’ attention and sell the house.

However, we pose a counter-argument. The researchers explained that the problem may be that the consumers are trying to figure out what the smell is, but what if they already know what the smell is?

Rather than baking cookies and removing them from the home, why don’t you offer one to those whom you’re showing the house?

If they know that the smell is from baking cookies, then they should be able to focus on the house itself while they’re viewing.

We suppose that the argument could go either way, but you should at least understand why such a smell could be distracting.

If you do enjoy the smell of freshly-baked cookies, you can continue this tradition as long as you make the smell clear to the customer.

However, if you aren’t a great baker or don’t think your recipe will impress, skip baking the cookies altogether. If you’re looking for more tips on selling your home, check out this article.

What Scents to Have Instead

If you’re looking for a replacement for the smell of cookies, you should look into other kinds of popular scents for homes.

According to the research article that we put it out before, the most popular smells for real estate showings include lemon, pine, cedar, and vanilla.

This means that breaking out a candle may actually be more effective than taking hours to bake cookies.

More on Real Estate Showings

Now that you understand the argument for and against baking cookies, you can get on with your normal real estate showings.

Whether or not you’re baking cookies, be sure to make the home smell fantastic. The smell is extremely important to the sale.

If you’re looking for more information on how to make a great real estate showing or boost your real estate sales, check out the rest of our blog.

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