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Should I Hire a Contractor or Do It Myself?

The prospect of cutting back on the costs related to renovations is undoubtedly an enticing one for any homeowner to contemplate.

One of the ways you can cut back on the exorbitant costs of renovations is doing the renovations yourself instead of hiring a professional team and contractor.

image - Should I Hire a Contractor or Do It Myself?
Should I Hire a Contractor or Do It Myself?

However, this concept can be challenging to gauge if you have never undertaken a renovation project before, and mistakes that are made can prove to be pricier than not.

If you are pursuing a large renovation project and plan to do it yourself, you must also factor in potential injuries that are liable to occur when you have limited experience comes as both financial and personal costs.

Hiring a professional team and contractor is the safest way to prevent injuries and expensive mistakes during renovation. But if you do have experience in DIY projects, doing the complete home renovations yourself should be an option you consider. Let’s explore the pros and cons of doing a renovation project yourself and why hiring a contractor can also be a beneficial feature.

Pros of Doing Renovations Yourself

Deciding to do a home renovation yourself can be an exciting opportunity to completely customize and oversee the process to forge the home of your dreams. Some of the benefits of doing a home renovation can include:

  • Saving money: One of the most prominent benefits of doing a renovation yourself is the ability to save quite a bit of money.

Without having to spend an allotted amount of your budget on hiring and paying a team of professionals in addition to a contractor, you can spend this money on better equipment or materials for the remodeling.

According to renovation professionals, you can save up to $40k on your home renovation project if you opt out of hiring a team to help you.

  • Control: When you do renovations yourself, and without the assistance of professionals, you are able to control the proceedings of the refurbishment to ensure you’re able to get exactly what you want.

There’s little chance of your renovation expectations diverging from your original conceptions when you’re at the helm, making the pivotal decisions that can culminate into your dream home being fully realized.

  • Acquiring your own contact list: Once you begin to do your home renovations, you can begin compiling a list of contacts when it comes to installing new plumbing fixtures, an entirely new electrical system, or when you need new landscaping completed. You can keep these contacts on hand for any project you want to pursue shortly.
  • Satisfaction: After you complete your renovation project, you can bask in your creations and gain a unique feeling of satisfaction from forging your remodeling.

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Cons of Doing Renovations Yourself

Of course, the advantages associated with doing a home renovation yourself come with the disadvantages that can easily deter a homeowner from undertaking such a large project. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Lack of connections: Unless you have a history of constructing buildings and remodeling homes, you may not have the swath of connections you need to acquire a quality home renovation.

While a professional contractor will have a compiled list of reliable contacts that are experts in various trades that can enhance your home, many homeowners do not have such a list on hand. Because of this, you’ll have to ask around and make connections with various tradespeople so that your renovations are precise.

  • Time: With a team of professionals, your home renovation can be completed in a timely manner with only minimal chances of long delays.

But when you try to do the upgrades yourself with the help of a professional contractor or their team, it could prolong your renovations for an extended period you may not have anticipated or wanted. Such delays will only become more pronounced when you have limited experience in doing complete home renovations.

  • No professional touches: During your home renovations process, you might be vying for newly established architectural details that are challenging to achieve when you do it yourself.

The professional refinements you might want from a home renovation will be hard to come by when you act as your contractor and team.

  • Dangerous and expensive problems: When you begin your renovation journey as your acting contractor and development team, you should be wary of the dangers you can succumb to when working on your home.

Dangers such as falling from a high position or hurting yourself with tools you may not have experienced using beforehand can cause physical injuries. They will also inflict costly damages if repairs and renovations aren’t done correctly.

It is best to hire someone proficient in all things related to home remodeling to ensure your home is appropriately renovated to prevent paying more than you have to for damages you caused.