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Should I Replace or Repair My Conservatory Roof

We all love our conservatories but they can sometimes be way too cold, way too hot, or even sometimes have a leak in the roof.

If you are experiencing any of these then you’re more than likely not using your conservatory and it might even seem like a wasted investment at the moment.

By simply replacing your conservatory roof, you can bring the space back to life without the added stress of replacing the entire thing.

image - Should I Replace or Repair My Conservatory Roof
Should I Replace or Repair My Conservatory Roof

Original conservatory roofs are made from polycarbonate and they simply aren’t up to scratch anymore.

They are noisy when it rains, they do not keep the temperature in very well-meaning they can quickly become a greenhouse or a freezer depending on the season.

They can also get dirty very quickly and are very aesthetically pleasing.

A solid conservatory roof will ensure that you are warm in the winter and a comfortable temperature in the summer.  The improved insulation will save you money on heating bills and also reduce your carbon footprint.

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They are also extremely aesthetically pleasing and can match your existing home seamlessly.

They come in a huge range of colors meaning you could even pick a color completely out of the box. The choice is completely yours.

You may be slightly worried about the decrease of natural light, but you do not need to worry about this either.

There is also a huge range of roof window options that allow the light to naturally flood in. If you would like more of a homely feel there is also a huge range of spotlight options too.

Did you know that adding a solid conservatory roof to your home can also add up to 7% value to a property’s value but a polycarbonate or glass roof can actually decrease the value considerably? It only takes a few hours to create a solid roof and the finalizing will only take a couple of days.

When considering a solid roof, you may even be thinking about planning permission but we can confidently say that you do not need planning permission for a solid roof.

Building Regulations will apply should you want to build an extension, but not for a conservatory, if certain conditions are met.

A solid roof usually has a U-value of 1.0W/m2K which means they have extremely good insulation as mentioned before and can keep the heat in the winter and keep the room cool in the summer.

To ensure that there is minimum fuss you can even install a new solid roof conservatory onto your old frames.

Your installer will carry out a survey which will let you know if the frame is suitable for a new solid conservatory roof to be fitted on them.

Here are the top reasons why we would suggest installing a Guardian Warm Roof:

  • Thermal Efficiency:
  • Noise Reduction
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Added Lights
  • Value to home

Alexander is a marketing expert at Guardian Roofs. Guardian Roofs UK offers solid conservatory roofs in the UK replacing all glass and polycarbonate roofs.

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