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6 Absolute Ideas That Adds Value to a House

One of the important questions when planning to put your house on the market is how to add value to your existing property.

There are things you need to know when maximizing the value of where you live now.

So, if you want to “sell my house fast” or just increase the worth of your home, here are some of the absolute ideas that add value to your property.

image - 6 Absolute Ideas That Adds Value to a House
6 Absolute Ideas That Adds Value to a House

1. Renovate to High-Quality Trendy Finishes

With the current increasing interest in going with trends, if you desire to sell soon, you can definitely increase the demand for your property by opting for upgrades that are presently famous among today’s buyers.

With that, you can choose to renovate your kitchen by renovating to high-quality stainless-steel appliances and/or quartz countertops.

If you do not want to spend too much, you can go for smaller finishes which can also affect buyer interest, while making sure your costs are low.

Hence, you can consider simple and easy changes such as changing from brass doorknobs and locks to brushed nickel material or switching yellow incandescent bulbs for brighter LED lights.

It is important to remember not to use other finishes that might not drive as much interest, even if they are of good quality.

2. Go for Energy-Efficient Home Features

The rise of more environmental campaigns has also affected the housing market in some way.

Now, due to greater focus on environmental issues and recognize that energy efficiency saves money, many homebuyers are interested in investing in a property with eco-friendly features.

So, if you want to increase the value of your home, you should definitely upgrade to appliances that are energy efficient so that there is a lower cost of electricity and gas bills.

You can also opt to install solar panels to increase the overall energy efficiency and value of your home.

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3. Change your Landscaping in the Front

Curb appeal really does make all the difference. This is because first impressions have a big impact on the market value of your property.

With that, you can opt for affordable landscaping and other moderate upgrades to the front of your exterior can aid in increasing its worth to both appraisers visiting your house and possible buyers searching for a home of their own.

4. Invest in your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are generally considered as the areas of a property that give the most compelling impression on homebuyers.

Also, these rooms are the fastest parts of your house that become dated because appliances, finishes, and other design elements fall or go out of style after such time.

With that, the kitchen and bathroom are the ideal areas that you should invest your money into.

These two are excellent options for upgrades and renovations, especially that most potential buyers give high importance to these spaces.

Renovating and upgrading the kitchen and bathroom are excellent options to attract buyers, especially that most potential buyers give high importance to these spaces.

5. Multiply your Finished Square Footage

Another low-cost way to add value to your home is converting the basement or other unfinished rooms or areas of your property into a usable space.

For example, if you build a basement bedroom in an unfinished space, you could simply add more than 100 square feet to your property’s footprint, while also adding another bedroom that permits a boost in market value to your home.

You must remember that several homes are priced by multiplying the square footage by a comparable rate for that type of home in your community.

Hence, increasing this square footage will most likely also increase your home’s selling price.

6. Do a Fresh Coat of Paint?

A fresh coat of paint does an amazing job to the overall look of your home. Other than the fact that it gives a huge impact on the eye appeal of your home, a paint job carries a low cost for materials, which is cost-effective on your end.

Whether you are planning to paint your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even just small areas of your home, a vivid coat of paint can give old surfaces a brand-new look, which in result give an immediate charm to your home.

With that, in addition to subtle changes that can improve the comfort of your home while you are living there, a paint job can increase your future list price when you decide to sell your property.

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