Windows are a part of your home’s structure that you probably don’t often think about replacing.

But they are not designed to last forever, so if your home has had the same windows for quite some time, it’s likely that you might need to invest in new ones in the near future.

image - 4 Signs That Your Home Might Need New Windows

4 Signs That Your Home Might Need New Windows

The good news is that windows are designed to be sturdy and will last a very long time if looked after.

However, if you have noticed any of the following signs, there’s likely nothing left to be done except for getting replacements. Visit: Bristol Windows.

Your Home is Very Noisy

Depending on where you live, there might be a reasonable amount of noise coming into your home that cannot be helped, especially if your home is situated on a busy road with lots of traffic.

However, the noise should not be so bad that it interferes with your day. If you’ve noticed that your home is even noisier than usual recently, even though nothing outdoors has changed, this could be to do with your windows.

Updating your windows to double- or triple-glazed panes with insulation can make a huge difference. Check out for more information.

Damaged Window Frames

Some scratches and scuffs are to be expected on older window frames and can often be dealt with easily by filling, sanding, painting, or varnishing if the frames are wooden.

However, window frames that have obvious damage will need to be looked at as soon as possible. If your window frames are soft to the touch, this could be a sign of a serious problem such as rot that will only get worse.

Sagging window frames could be a sign of bigger trouble with the structure of your home.

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You’re Getting Lots of Drafts

A drafty home is never nice to live in, particularly during the winter.

If you tend to feel cold when you are near the window or are getting a breeze when you walk near to it, this could be the result of poor installation or leaks in the window causing the cold air from outside to come indoors.

If caught early, resealing might be sufficient to repair drafty windows. However, larger problems will likely require new windows to be installed.

Trouble Opening the Windows

You need the windows in your home to open easily in the case of an emergency and to keep the temperature right during the summer months.

Windows that are stuck shut for whatever reason can be very dangerous and could even put your life at risk in the event of a fire, flood, or other hazards where you need to get out of your home quickly.

If you are unable to have your windows repaired so that they can easily open when the handle is turned, then you should get them replaced as soon as possible to deal with this health and safety hazard.

Window replacements might not be a common part of home improvements, but windows are not designed to last forever.

If you have noticed any of these signs, it might be time to think about getting new windows for your home.