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The Need for Window Replacements

It’s time for winter- and yes, while that does mean fashionable turtlenecks, warm scones, sweet treats, and snow- it also means freezing temperatures and shuddering teeth. It’s the moment of sad truth when the degree is below zero and it seems suddenly acceptable to be a bear and start hibernation.

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The Need for Window Replacements

As the 2020 Winter approaches, that means cold and icy winds floating in and out of your home despite the running heater. Winter can be problematic even for those who like the season.

Being subjected to constant shivers and harsh fevers from cold isn’t an enjoyable feeling, after all.

While many shrugs in the face of this adversity, claiming it to be a part of nature and that’s that- we here at EcoChoice Windows disagree!

There is, of course, no Airbender magic we can teach you- but there is something you should consider before investing in an insulating choice that.

Old windows are one of the major gateways to letting the cold infiltrate your cozy home. This is because old windows are just what they’re sound like- old. Most old windows are damaged with air leaks, or they use outdated technology.

Naturally, these windows all but fail at acting like a safe barrier that protects you by keeping out the cool air from your home during the wintertime.

So, it’s time that you consider a more 21st Century approach. Yes, it’s time to spice up your Windows with new Ecochoice windows!

In fact, the modern revolution has brought about many styles and technologies that they use to block out cold and keep your home warm.

A few main ways in which newer windows operate include the following:

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Preventing Drafts

Due to the nicks and gaps existing in the workings of your old windows, they often fail to prevent drafts from entering into your home. Cold drafts in winter are especially frugal, and in turn, the force you to increase you’re heating.

As the drafts continuously dart into your home, you’re bound to increase the temperature on your furnace and other heating systems so that you can keep your home consistently warm.

This creates a cycle of massive and unnecessary energy loss and high electricity bills that can simply be avoided by installing a new window system!

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Insulating Effect

Unlike the old times, modern window technology is unbeatable in its insulating and heat-generating properties. Most modern windows tend to use new vinyl windows which act as insulators.

This proves to be a clever course of action because vinyl windows have less U-Value. In turn, The U-Value is an indicator that the materials involved in making the windows are heat insulators. Consequently, the lower the U-Value, the more the heat-insulating properties.

Thus, the new windows prove to be efficacious in keeping cold drafts out and reeling in heat.

Vinyl windows act as insulators and help keep your home warmer because they have low U-Value. If you’re looking to spruce up your EcoChoice Windows, using windows with a U-factor below 0.25 is beneficial as it emits better heat-friendly performance.

Once your home is in a standard and acceptable temperature, your new windows can help maintain this and keep your home consistently warm for a long time.


If you’re surrounded by constant cold weather where you live- a modern window should be a top priority for you.

This is because the cold climate tends to bring in one too many viruses and germs that your old windows don’t stand a chance against. Fortunately, most new and modern windows feature double or triple glass panes.

Additionally, you can enhance these layers by adding argon gas or low coating between the panes. In turn, this provides more layers of protection against the biting cold.

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Durable Solution

If you’re living with old windows in your home, chances are- you’re struggling. Old windows are- old- and they require an intense amount of care and repairs. They have a lot of air leaks and drafts that can be inconvenient for your home.

Correspondingly, this might push you into spending an unnecessary amount of money on temporary fixes and repairs that don’t make the quota. An ideal solution would be to invest in new, modern windows instead.

New windows, thus, can be a highly effective and economical solution to your EcoChoice Windows. Besides, with old windows being out of fashion and out of touch with the new-low temperatures of the modern age, it is only fitting that you get new windows to do the job instead.

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