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Simple Design Tips for Conserving Space

Your rooms are not very big. How can you add furniture and décor without filling up every square foot? If you want to conserve what little space you have, here are some interior design tips that should help.

image - Simple Design Tips for Conserving Space
Simple Design Tips for Conserving Space

Convertible Furniture

Big, bulky furniture is great when you have guests over. You can sit eight people at your large dining-room table or host a movie night on your enormous sofa. That’s all well and good when you’re entertaining, but what happens when the guests leave? You’re going to have furniture that takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

You can avoid this tricky design problem by getting convertible furniture. A Transformer Table has adjustable panels that will help you expand or shrink your dining set however you please.

So, when you feel like hosting a dinner party, you can stretch out your dining room table and seating to fit a whopping 12 guests. And when they leave, you can shrink it back to a smaller, cozier size.

A Transformer Couch is a modular sectional sofa that you can expand and reorganize to fit your needs. Use the three-piece sofa set when you just want to lie down or watch TV. Use up to 10 pieces to expand the sitting area when you’re hosting a lot of company.

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Furniture with Storage

When you can’t get convertible furniture, get furniture that offers more storage. Get a hollow ottoman that you can put your TV and gaming accessories inside, like your remotes, controllers, and headphones.

Get a coffee table with a lower shelf where you can store books, and magazines, and throw blankets. Get a platform bed frame with built-in storage drawers to organize your bed linens, towels, and clothes.

Sliding Doors

Swinging a door open is challenging in a tight space. At best, the open door takes up floor space. At worst, the door gets blocked by furniture or bashes up against it.

One way you can conserve your limited space is to install sliding barn doors instead of swinging ones. You can enter and exit your rooms without worrying about knocking into your furniture.

Vertical Storage

Another way to conserve what limited space you have is to move your storage off the floor. Move it to the walls, instead.

You can do something as simple as adding wall-mounted coat hooks to every single room. In your bedroom, you can hang up housecoats and cozy sweaters on the hooks. In the kitchen, you can hang up aprons and dish towels.

In the bathroom, you can hang towels and face cloths. In the hallway, you can hang jackets, hats, and purses. There are so many great ways to use coat hooks around the house.

What else can you do to incorporate more vertical storage? You can install bookshelves, floating shelves, ladder shelves, pegboards, corkboards, and wall-mounted cabinets to get your items out of the way.

Fill Up Corners

Don’t leave your corners untouched! Ignoring them is a waste.

Corners can be great storage opportunities. Use a corner shelf to organize books, picture frames, and plants in your bedroom, or put a corner storage cabinet in your home office to store important documents and supplies.

If you’re not using a corner for storage, you can conserve space by arranging your furniture into corners. Nestle your couch, bookcases, and cabinets into them. Don’t leave any unnecessary gaps. This will give you a lot more floor space.

You’ll find that after following these tips, your small space feels a lot bigger.