Small spaces can be nice and cozy, but they can also be hard to manage because of the limited amount of space you can work with.

Whether you live in a small apartment, a dorm room, or just want to make use of a small space in your house, here are some ideas for you to follow so you can create more space in your small room.

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How To Save Space for a Small Room

Use Wall for Extra Storage Space

Having a small room might mean you have less floor space, but chances are you will have plenty of wall space so use that to your advantage.

If you are allowed to drill holes into the wall of your tiny space, consider getting wall-mounted storage systems like shelves or cabinets.

You can also find wall-mounted tables that can fold away when they are not in use.

You can also use a pegboard or a wire wall rack if you are planning on using the space for smaller items like stationery or accessories.

With the pegboard and wire rack system, you can also hang small containers to make the space more organized.

If you are looking for space to hang your clothes, you can get clothes bars that can be mounted onto the wall, so you do not have to waste floor space.

Get Layered Shelving

When you get any sort of shelving unit, it is best if you can get layered shelving because it will allow for more empty space to store your items.

Whether your shelf is mounted to the wall or is still on the floor, there is no excuse to waste empty space so try to maximize the amount of space you can find by adding space in between the shelves.

Most wall shelves are mainly just a bracket and the shelf panel so you can easily arrange them to use up as much wall space as you can.

Once you have installed your wall shelves, you can also get baskets that can be hooked to the bottom of the shelves so you can utilize both sides of the shelf.

If you feel like an entire shelf is still too bulky, you can just get a smaller hanging organizer that can be easily hung up with a wall hook or a nail.

However, the limitation for these wall organizers compared to the shelves is that they may not be able to hold many items or any heavy items.

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Use the Space at The Back of The Door

The back of the boor has so much unutilized space so if you have yet to install some sort of storage space behind there, this is your sign to do so.

The door to your room is sturdier than you think so it is great to put up some hooks to hang your clothes or even your shoes.

If you are not keen on making any permanent marks on the door, you can get storage that hangs over the door, so you do not have to drill, hammer, or screw anything.

You can also organize the space behind the door to maximize efficiency.

For example, you can put hooks at the back of the door to hang items that you will need before you leave the room or the house, like your keys or an umbrella.

You can also just use the space for mirrors, instead of hanging them in another part of the room.

Get Foldable Furniture

When it comes to saving space in a small room, the best thing you can do is get foldable furniture.

This means getting furniture that can be folded away and stored aside so that they do not take up much space when they are not in use.

This trick will also help to minimize the amount of time it takes to clean your space.

You can choose any sort of foldable furniture for your room, like a folding table or a folding chair.

A tip when choosing which furniture to substitute is to choose one that you may not use all the time like your bed.

This way, you will have more room during the day when you are not sleeping because your bed is folded away and is not taking up much space anymore.

Go Vertical Instead of Horizontal

An important thing to remember when decorating a room with limited space is to get storage systems that are vertical instead of horizontal.

This is because you might waste space when you get storage units like cabinets or drawers that are large by width or depth.

Instead, opt for storage that is large in terms of height, so you do not waste floor space.

There are so many vertical storage systems that are not large by width so you can have more horizontal space for other things.

You can build the storage systems yourself or get them built into the wall.

If you think you will find trouble in reaching these tall spaces, just invest in a sturdy foldable ladder or a small stool that can be tucked away when not in use.

Mount Appliances onto Walls

Another way to use up the wall space is to mount your appliances onto the wall, instead of placing them onto console tables.

Almost all the new television models are flat screens so you will not have any issues with mounting those onto the wall.

You can easily get the mounting bracket at the same place you got your television set.

You can also find other entertainment appliances that are designed to be easily mounted onto the wall like audio systems and gaming consoles.

If you own a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can see that most of them come with a charging station that can be mounted onto the wall to save space.

You can even buy wall brackets so that you can clip on your brooms and other non-electrical cleaning tools.

Get Multifunctional Furniture

If you have trouble choosing between furniture or storage space, the answer could easily just be to combine the two.

Invest in multifunctional furniture or furniture with built-in storage spaces so that you get the full-size furniture you want, without sacrificing storage space.

You can easily get beds and chairs that have storage space underneath or on the side of the furniture.

There are also desks and tables with drawers so that you can put smaller items like your stationery or your makeup, so you do not have to get a separate cabinet or a vanity.

Speaking of vanity, you can also get a mirror cabinet so you do not have to get a separate mirror but will still have space for your beauty items and accessories.