Guest rooms are quite the luxury of any home because not everyone can afford to allocate an entire room just to house the occasional visitor.

While it is nice to be able to dedicate an entire room for any visitor staying over, it might not be smart because you are basically letting precious space go to waste.

Instead, take note of some tips from this article to create a functional space that can double as a bedroom or a home office.

That way, your guest room can still be used at all times, with or without a guest.

image - How to Decorate a Guest Room to Maximise Its Potential

How to Decorate a Guest Room to Maximise Its Potential

Keep it Simple and Basic

Having a multifunctional guest room will allow you to use the room for all guests, regardless of their personal taste or their age.

The easiest way to create a multifunctional room is to keep it simple and basic and that means to mainly use simple decorations and designs for the walls and larger furniture.

If you ever feel like redecorating the room or if you want to use it for other purposes, you can switch out the smaller details like table decorations or the curtains.

A good way to keep the room simple and basic is to use a single tone or color for the entire room.

For example, you can use white paint for the walls, white curtains, and use mostly white furniture.

This way, you can easily add a pop of color to the room with smaller decorations like a lamp or a vase, and it would not be too overbearing for your guests.

Give it More Space

Whether your guest is staying for a day, a week, or a month, they will require storage space for their items.

Making sure the room has enough space is very important for both the homeowner and the guest because it allows for proper storage space for all the guests’ items so it would not make a mess of the room.

When you do not have any guests staying in the room, you can also use the empty storage to put your extra stuff in to keep your home tidy.

In order to add more space to the guest room, you can easily use cabinets or shelves.

You can get them as ready-to-assemble storage furniture to allow for more flexibility with decoration in the future.

You can also get built-in storage space if you are not planning on redecorating or changing the room’s layout.

When the storage spaces are not being used, you can decorate it with items like books or small accessories so that it does not look empty but be sure to dust them occasionally, especially before your guest comes in.

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Make it Flexible

Flexibility is the key when creating a guest room that is multifunctional because this means that the room can be used for other purposes when it is not used for its main purpose.

While the room maybe a guest room, you might not be expecting a guest most of the time so the multifunctional room can be used for things like studying or working.

Using furniture that is easy to move will also allow more flexibility because you can move things around to make more space or to change the layout.

Another good way to keep the room flexible is by keeping it simple. Like mentioned before, you can use a single tone for the entire room, and it will allow you to use the room for other purposes.

All you will need to do in the future is just change the little details like decorations and accessories.

Adding furniture like a simple desk will also be great because this means you or your guest can also use the room as an office or a workspace.

Use Foldaway Furniture

Another way to create a multifunctional room is to use foldaway furniture to allow for more space when the room is not being used by a guest.

Foldaway, or foldable, furniture is easily obtainable from furniture stores and from online shopping malls.

The designs for foldable furniture are getting increasingly stylish and modern so you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Foldaway furniture is great but getting a foldable version of every single piece of furniture may be too overbearing and slightly troublesome so just focus on the larger furniture like the bed or the desk.

Sofa beds are also great for multifunctional rooms because they can obviously be used as a bed for nighttime but fold away nicely so they can be used as sitting space during the day.

Foldable desks are great because they can save space and reduce the need for cleaning when the room is not being used.

Use Up Every Inch

If your guest room is one that is quite large, it may seem like a waste to just leave all those unused spaces empty.

That is why it is best if you can use up every inch of the room so that even when no one is using the room, you are not wasting those precious empty spaces.

However, it is important to know that using up space does not mean that you should stuff the room with your extra items.

Allocating space and making sure each of your items has a place is the key to making this trick work.

As mentioned before, you should always add storage space for your guest rooms so that both you and your guest can benefit from it.

If you find an empty spot in the guest room after you have added in all your furniture, consider adding something like a chair to sit on or a side table to place your items.

Keep it Clutter-Free

This last tip has got to be one of the most important when it comes to decorating your guest room, or any room.

Keeping the space clutter-free, especially when no one is using the room, is not only going to make it easy for it to be clean, but it can allow for more use in the future.

You will also be grateful that you have kept the room clean when you got a last-minute notice of a guest staying over.

Keeping the guest room free of clutter can be easily done by providing enough storage space.

Just place all your extra stuff into any empty space and you are good to go.

Also, take time to store your items properly instead of just stuffing them in so that you can use the empty space more efficiently.

Keeping the room clutter-free will also reduce the need to constantly clean and reorganize the room.