Guesthouses may seem like a luxury only afforded to the rich and famous. We’ve seen so many films where luxurious mansions have their own fully equipped guesthouses, and it makes you want one of your own!

Guest homes are perfect for hosting your family and friends for special occasions or for any reason at all!

image - Be Our Guest! Tips and Tricks for Building a Guest House

Be Our Guest! Tips and Tricks for Building a Guest House

They can also potentially generate additional income for homeowners. Continue reading to learn more about building a guest house.

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Building a Guest House: Before You Start

Before you dive headfirst into your guest house project there are two things you need to consider.

You’re either going to be starting from scratch and building a guest house from the ground up, or you’re going to be using an existing structure that already exists.

If you’re building a new, custom build, it’s safe to say that this option can be a bit more costly than using an existing structure. An existing structure will already have the foundations and main infrastructure required to create what you need.

Once you’ve decided on the path you’re going to take, you can begin with your planning and consideration of what you want to achieve.

Another Option: Ready Made Guest Houses

There is a third option when considering building your guest house: modular homes. Modular homes come pre-built, like a kit-home. They come with countertops, cupboards, and most likely a bathroom, electricity, and plumbing pre-installed.

One thing to take into consideration with modular or prefabricated homes is that your site will need some serious preparation before you can simply order and install it.

You’re going to need to flatten and prepare the piece of land that you’ll be putting it up on, and consider putting in a foundation depending on the size of the home itself.

Keep It Small

It may be tempting to build a sprawling, magnificent guesthouse to impress your guests, but the smaller you keep it, the easier it will be to maintain.

There will be periods of time where you don’t have guests inside, and there will be upkeep and cleaning required to keep your guesthouse in top shape.

So the smaller your guesthouse, the easier it is for you to keep the space beautiful and clean.

Make It Beautiful

Even with a small guesthouse, it’s entirely possible to create a space that is trendy and comfortable.

A guesthouse needs to have all the amenities a normal home would have, to allow your guests to feel the comfort of their own home. Keeping up with floor trends, putting in modern appliances, and choosing comfortable furniture will create a space that meets these needs perfectly.

Your Guest House Project

Although much of building a guest house can be done yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Make sure you understand and adhere to the rules. Enquire with your local town council as to what the regulations are for putting up a guesthouse, and make sure you have the permits required.

Lastly, if you intend to rent your guest house out for extra income, ensure that you have the right license for this, and register your side income.

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