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How to Maximise Space in Your London Home

When you choose to live in London, it can be a battle to find somewhere truly spacious.

More often than not, you will have to learn how to maximize the space that you have, rather than trying to find somewhere much bigger.

Here are some of our best tips to help you maximize the space you have in your London home.

image - How to Maximise Space in Your London Home
How to Maximise Space in Your London Home

Try Self-Storage

If you think you are just a little bit short on room, why not consider finding a self-storage facility like Stored Away? They can help you free up a little space in your home, and your belongings are never going to be too far away if you need them.

This could be the perfect place for you to put the furniture that you do not want out but also aren’t ready to get rid of quite yet.

If you feel like your wardrobes are bursting with clothes that you do not want to lose, you could also consider cycling between winter and summer looks.

The clothes that you do not need can go into storage, ready to be swapped with the changing of the seasons.

Look for Storage Hacks

How much storage is built into your home? If you feel like you do not have enough cupboards and other places where you can put things, that only means that you have to invest in them.

When choosing furniture, try to pick items with hidden compartments. Nowadays, it is possible to get amazing ottoman beds with plenty of room for storage, plus sofas and more with room for you to hide things.

You should also learn how to smartly pack your cupboards and wardrobes to maximize the space in there.

Finally, make sure that you learn about some of the many storage hacks that you could take advantage of.

With a little bit of crafting, you can easily build something that will allow you to double the space you might have in your home.

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Decorate Smartly

You need to focus on opening up your rooms and making them feel light and airy.

Some might work as being smaller and a little more cramped, but you should try to keep the majority of your rooms feeling as light as possible.

This can mean decorating in neutral, light colors to help reflect light, so add splashes of color back in other places if you choose.

Make sure that your furniture is not too cluttered and does not loom over you in any way.

Hanging mirrors on the wall is a great way to open up space and make it feel bigger. You should also think about how you would best light the room, even if it has great natural light.

Even the smallest of London homes can be decorated properly so it becomes a great space.

Take the time to work out what you could use to elevate your home, and work hard to make it seem like a space twice as big as it actually is.

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