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How to Solve Your Kitchen Countertop Conundrum

Conundrum: “A confusing and difficult problem or question.”

Flipping through a home décor catalog or clicking countless links to view kitchen countertop options can leave you more confused than you were before the research process started. You thought you knew what you wanted, but several other kitchen countertop designs have cluttered your research

You have an old fashioned kitchen countertop conundrum on your hands.

How to Solve Your Kitchen Countertop Conundrum
How to Solve Your Kitchen Countertop Conundrum

How to Solve Your Kitchen Countertop Conundrum

Solving it doesn’t have to cause you to pull out your hair. All you have to do is decide on the right material and color for the countertop, and then move on to the most difficult phase, which involves using a countertop estimator to calculate how much the home improvement project will set you back.

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What is the Best Material for Your Kitchen Countertop?

The material you choose for a countertop goes a long way in determining the visual appeal of your new kitchen accessory. Although color plays a role in determining the visual appeal, as the old saying goes, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Selecting the right material represents the first step in solving your kitchen countertop conundrum.


It wasn’t long ago that granite was the most popular material for kitchen countertops, and for good reasons. Granite exudes a natural beauty that is unsurpassed by any other countertop material. If you install a granite kitchen countertop near a window, you will be dazzled by the different colors and lengths of light that bounce off the countertop surface.

With every slab of granite unique in appearance, you can create a memorable addition to the kitchen that will be the talk of the next dinner party. The only downside of granite is cost, but long lasting durability takes some of the financial stings out of using granite for a kitchen countertop.


Laminate is the kitchen countertop choice for homeowners that place a high priority in remaining within a tight home improvement budget. The affordable material is also durable enough to handle high heat and prolonged exposure to moisture.

Synthetic laminate is simple to install, which means homeowners with just a little do it yourself initiative should be able to perform installations by themselves. However, you have to be diligent in caring for a laminate countertop, if you want the life expectancy of the countertop to last the typical lifespan of between 10 and 12 years.


Although quartz is a product found in nature, the material undergoes a manufacturing process for the finishing of kitchen countertops. Quartz kitchen countertops contain 93% crushed quartz, with 7% resin binding the quartz particles together.

Since quartz is one of the most accessible materials available for kitchen countertops, it is usually priced below what you can expect to pay for granite or other higher end countertop materials.

Quartz is also a good countertop material to have for adding brighter colors that make the countertop the design focal point of a kitchen. If you can deal with the obvious seams, then a quartz countertop is a great option to add in your kitchen.

What Color Makes the Most Attractive Countertop?

If you are looking to upgrade a countertop by enhancing its appearance, you might not have to install a brand new countertop to get the job done right. Choosing the right color is the second step in solving your kitchen countertop conundrum.


A black kitchen countertop presents a sleek appearance the nicely complements the more neutral appearance of wooden cabinets. The black kitchen accessory looks especially stunning in wide open kitchens where the countertop is placed in the middle of the room.

If you have several windows in your kitchen, as well as an abundance of natural light, then installing a black countertop or changing the color of a kitchen countertop to black will redefine the appearance of the room.


If presenting a bold appearance for your kitchen is the way you want to go with kitchen décor, then adding red to a countertop will transform your kitchen into a high-energy dining area for entertaining friends and family members.

Red is often associated with passion and if cooking is your passion, a red kitchen countertop will accurately convey your culinary devotion. Just make sure to add a shade of red that complements the other colors adorning kitchen appliances and accessories.


Modern and contemporary best describe the design features of a white kitchen countertop. White countertops work well with metallic appliances such as a stove and a refrigerator.

Versatile enough to pair seamlessly with vintage kitchen equipment and accessories, a white kitchen countertop offers more décor options for homeowners that like to change up the look of their kitchens frequently.

What You Need to Know about a Kitchen Countertop Estimator

Choosing the best countertop is often the difference between you loving and hating the look of one of the highest traffic areas of your home. After deciding on the color and material to solve your kitchen countertop conundrum, the last step involves figuring out the cost of a new kitchen countertop.

Large home improvement stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot offer online kitchen countertop estimators that produce cost estimates for installing the new home décor accessory.

Here are the factors most kitchen countertop estimators use to calculate cost estimates:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Edge profile
  • Removing the old countertop
  • The complexity of the project
  • Will you add a countertop range

The edge profile is the surface area you will come in contact with the most when you use the countertop for food prep or to seat guests for dinner. Shape matters for edge profile and large retailers like Lowe’s and The Home Depot offer guides that help determine the right edge profile. The last three factors are simply yes or no questions.

Installing a new kitchen countertop or changing the appearance of the current countertop can be a DIY project. However, if you have any questions about either project, make sure to consult with a home improvement specialist to help guide you throughout the process.

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