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Soiling vs. Staining: Which Carpet Problem or Cleaning Problem are You Tackling?

Has your carpet become dirty from weeks of use and abuse? Can you tell if your carpet is stained or soiled? Most homeowners believe these terms to be interchangeable.

Staining and soiling are two different things, but both of them lead to the eventual discoloration of the carpet or rug. According to the manufacturer’s warranty, staining and soiling are distinct processes that warrant different services.

Soiling vs. Staining - Which Carpet Problem or Cleaning Problem are You Tackling?
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What is a Stain? What Causes Carpet Staining?

A carpet stain may refer to a discolored spot or blotch that has resulted from direct contact with a substance.

When someone spills a cup of hot coffee or red wine on the carpet, it can leave a prominent mark as the liquids seep deep into the carpet fiber. The only way to get a stain out is to completely remove the absorbed and dried fluids from the depths of the threads.

Certain fibers like Nylon is highly susceptible to staining. Polyester does not absorb much fluid and is a little more resistant to staining than most natural fibers.

If you have nylon and other natural fiber upholstery, you might want to learn about protective stain treatment to prevent permanent staining. Or, you can find out about eco-friendly and safe cleaning methods from 1800safedry.com/carpet-cleaning-murfreesboro-tn/.

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What is Soiling? What Causes Soiling?

Soiling happens when dirt particles stick to oily substances on the carpet, rug or upholstery. It might look similar to a stain at times, but a spill is not always responsible for soiling.

Soiling usually takes more time as the dirt keeps accumulating on the oily substances including baby oil, lotion, oil from food, or bodily fluids to create darkened areas. Soiling is usually more stubborn than staining, and most DIY methods are not enough to uproot the grime from deep within the carpet fiber weaves.

Sometimes, you will find soiling exclusively in the areas that come in contact with human skin. If you or your family members have the habit of walking around barefoot on a particular section of the rug, you might notice increasing instances of soiling over there. Some fiber types are prone to soiling as compared to others like olefin.

How can Cleaning Products Lead to Soiling?

Some cheap cleaning products you can buy from stores leave sticky residues behind after constant vacuuming and wiping. These residues are soil magnets, and they attract copious amounts of dirt.

Sometimes, DIY products cause resoiling as well, due to the lack of proper rinsing or cleaning. Rapid resoiling and the need for applying cleaning products repeatedly can reduce the longevity of your favorite rug.

The only way to keep these spots from returning is by selecting the right cleaner for your carpet that is harsh on the stain but gentle on the fibers.

If you are tired of fighting the staining and soiling of your carpets and upholsteries, contact the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in Tennessee. Professionals couple the correct techniques with the right products to produce the best results. Your carpets will not only shine brighter, but they will remain clean for longer durations.

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