There’s no denying that the housing market is hot. A seller who listed a fixer-upper in Washington D.C. received 88 offers on the home and 76 of them were cash offers.

Many of the potential buyers hadn’t even seen the house in person—they submitted offers sight unseen.

image - Successful Sale 5 Key Tips for a Smooth House Sale

Successful Sale 5 Key Tips for a Smooth House Sale

It’s a sellers’ market right now, and there are just not enough homes to meet the demand. If you’re considering selling, now is the time to do it. If you want the key to a successful sale, read on for our five tips.

1. Get Your Home Sale-Ready

Even in a sellers’ market, you still want to take the time to get your home sale-ready.

Making sure that small repairs are done, paint is touched up, your home is decluttered and de-personalized, and is welcoming to buyers could bring you a larger payday, as buyers are willing to pay more for a home where it’s clear that sellers care.

When potential buyers walk through a home and see repairs, they see the money. Money that they have to spend to fix or replace things.

Money that they may not be willing to spend or money that they may ask you to spend in their offer.

2. Find an Agent

If you really want to make the home selling process successful and smooth, hire an experienced agent. They know the ins and outs of real estate in your area, how to market your home, and how to price it.

They’ll also give you tips on what repairs or replacements you should make to prepare to list your home.

An experienced real estate team, like the realtors at, is worth every penny of the commission they earn.

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3. Price It Right

While you get to make the final decision on what price you want to list your home for, your real estate agent should provide guidance in the way of comparable homes that have sold.

They will review the neighborhood comps, what your home has to offer, and the pulse of the market to recommend a price.

If you price it right from the beginning, you are much more likely to sell quicker than if you price it too high and then need to drop the price.

4. Keep Your Home Show-Ready

The good news is that if you do all of the things above, you might not have to keep your home show-ready for long.

Homes are receiving multiple offers after being on the market for just one day, so you may luck out and have one or two days of home showings.

When preparing your home for showings, make sure it is spic and span. It should be cleaned from top to bottom and inside out.

Get rid of any personal items, such as toothbrushes in the bathroom, pet food and water bowls, and family photos.

Remember, you want prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home, not picture your family in the home

5. Be Ready to Act Fast

Given the current state of the market, you might receive multiple offers in just a few hours. If this is the case, you should be ready to act fast.

The market dictates that you either accept, counter, or reject offers within a day (sometimes even less), so know what price you’ll accept and be ready to sign on the dotted line when a great offer comes in.

Use These Tips for a Successful Sale

If you use these tips, you’ll most likely enjoy a successful sale that’s stress-free and smooth.

Doing some prep work ahead of time and ensuring that your real estate agent is right for you will really help the process of selling your home go off without a hitch.

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