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Great Suggestions to Outwit Porch Pirates

There are times when you are unable to receive the package in person despite your best efforts. Maybe you are running late, or perhaps something came up, and you could not make it in time.

image - Great Suggestions to Outwit Porch Pirates
Great Suggestions to Outwit Porch Pirates

The delivery still reaches your house, and when that happens, the person who delivers has two options – returning on another date or leaving the package on a porch.

The latter seems like a better choice since you will not have to wait any longer and can get the package as soon as you return to the home.

Nevertheless, this convenience comes with risks. Thousands of people suffer from porch pirates. You may think that it is easy to track and reclaim the package thanks to all the technologies out there, but the reality is quite different.

You can cross your fingers and hope that the package is safe and sound when you get there, but the odds are that you will end up empty-handed. And if the scenario persists, you will need to take certain measures sooner or later.

Here are some suggestions to fight against porch pirates.

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Suggestion #1 – Buy a Parcel Box

Sweeping a package right from your porch is easy. However, if there was a special box for dropping stuff that only you have access to, these thieves would not stand a chance.

Parcel boxes are a great choice. Neighborhoodsquare has the best parcel boxes reviewed on their website, and you should be able to find one that fits your needs. There are multiple options for both bigger and smaller packages.

Suggestion #2 – Install Security Cameras

image - Security Cameras
Security Cameras

Not every measure has to deal with the problem directly. Sometimes, preventive ideas can do as much work like any other idea.

Security cameras will discourage thieves from entering your property, especially if these cameras are clearly visible for everyone. You could argue that putting on a mask eliminates the problem for thieves, but wearing a mask in the middle of the day will attract unwanted attention.

Suggestion #3 – Use Amazon Locker and Key

As expected, Amazon offers some neat features to fight against the problem of porch pirates as well.

Amazon lockers function as a safe location where you can pick up the package at a convenient location. And since there is a requirement to enter a password or code, nobody but the person with it can access the package.

Amazon Key allows a delivery man to enter your house or garage and leave the package inside where it is unreachable for others. Though if you decide to pick this option, remember that there are certain risks involved allowing strangers to enter the premises. Weigh the risks and think which option suits you.

Suggestion #4 – Have the Delivery Man Meet You in Person

image - Have the Delivery Man Meet You in Person

If you can get in touch with the delivery person, ask him or her to bring you a package directly. Not every service will offer this feature, but if there is an opportunity to take the package in your hands even when you are away from home, go for it.

You can even ask your employer or a colleague to take the package for you. Leaving the item in an office where you work is, without a doubt, a much safer option, especially if it is a colleague you are in a good relationship with.

Suggestion #5 – Ask Neighbor for a Favor

Being in a good relationship with your neighbors has a lot of advantages. Building trust becomes an asset when you are not at home and cannot accept the package.

When this happens, have a neighbor get it for you. Leaving it in the hands of someone you know is a much better alternative than having the box dropped in an unprotected area for everyone to see.

Suggestion #6 – Get a Dog

image - Get a Dog

Dogs are similar to security cameras. Seeing that there is a dog near the porch, even if there is a leash, will prevent a lot of potential thieves from getting close to it. Barking alone will alert others that something is wrong.

Of course, getting a dog just to stop porch pirates is a bit too much, as pets require a lot of care. On the other hand, if you have been thinking about a dog for a while, you stand to kill two birds with one stone in this case.

Suggestion #7 – Insure the Package

Insurance costs extra, and there are few instances when you want to invest money to add extra security to a package. At the same time, if there is a theft, you will not have to worry as much because the insurance will cover what you have spent on the package.

Again, this is something situational and requires weighing all the pros and cons. Some people insure everything, whereas others do not bother. Consider whether the investment is necessary and decide for yourself.

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