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The Cost of Painting the Stucco on Your House

To get an idea of how much it will cost to paint the stucco on your house, you should get an estimate.

image - The Cost of Painting the Stucco on Your House
The Cost of Painting the Stucco on Your House

You should ask for a contract and warranty and never pay in full before a painting job is completed.

If you hire a company to paint the stucco, you should ask them specific questions, such as their level of experience painting stucco, what kind of paint they use, and how long it will take them to complete the job.

Researching the Cost of Materials

Before painting the stucco on your house, you must first figure out the cost of paint and materials. The best paint for stucco exteriors is elastomeric paint, ranging from $35 to $115 per gallon. It is thicker than regular paint, which helps it form a tight watertight seal. It will cost more, but it will also last longer.

You can save money by using paint that is specifically made for stucco. The only thing that you need to buy is the paint. The price of this paint will depend on the type of stucco in your house.

For exterior stucco, you should use elastomeric paint. However, if you have an older stucco house, you can choose a cheaper paint that will match the rest of the house.

If you want to repair the stucco on your house, you must get a permit. The cost of a permit will vary depending on where you live. This amount must be accounted for in your overall cost for painting the stucco. You can save money and time by hiring a professional to paint the stucco.

To paint the stucco on your house, you need to apply a fog coat. This is an important step. A fog coat can cost between $1 and $3 per square foot. It is recommended that you use exterior acrylic latex paint for the exterior of your house.

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Picking a Quality Paint

It is possible to paint your stucco for less than $1.00 per square foot. However, you should remember that the higher the paint’s quality, the more it will cost. It is recommended to buy a quality product that will last for several years.

The cost of painting the masonry will depend on how much paint you need. If you want to change the color of the house, you can consider hiring a professional to do it.

Picking a Quality Paint

Regardless of the type of paint, it is necessary to apply primer on the stucco before painting the exterior. The paint will need to be applied after the stucco has dried.

If you choose a name-brand product, it will cost about $170. You can also buy brand-name stucco paint for around $80 per gallon. Once you’ve chosen a color, you can start the painting process.


The cost of painting the stucco on your house depends on your desired color and the type of paint you choose. You can buy quality paint that has high coverage and durability.

You can even find a discount by purchasing low-end paint. It is essential to use a good primer before painting the stucco on your house. However, you can’t use a cheap primer if you have an older stucco on the exterior.

If you are unsure of the process, you can always ask a stucco painting company for advice. These companies have experience painting stucco and will provide you with helpful advice.

You can even learn the basics of painting stucco yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials and videos available for this task.