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The Importance of Solar Energy

There has been growing interest in the field of solar energy installation. Some believe that this is due to the lowering cost of the technology or the growing need for alternatives to non-renewable energy sources.

Others think that people are becoming dissuaded with the stories we are told to base our lives on. But what is really behind the trend?

image - The Importance of Solar Energy
The Importance of Solar Energy

The Growing Solar Energy Industry

In actuality, the move towards more solar power installation is a combination of the above factors, as well as some that were not mentioned. While public awareness plays a huge role in demand, it does not necessarily create skilled workers or a vibrant industry.

This indicates that some people are choosing to “ride the wave” of innovation and are forming solar companies and research initiatives.

The Growing Solar Workforce

With new companies and new technologies comes the need for skilled workers, managers, and other tradespeople. Many electricians, for example, are learning the skills necessary for solar panel installation, along with DIYers, farmers, homesteaders, and urban property owners.

Of course, the benefits of solar energy extend much beyond the first sphere of influence.

For instance, the shipping industry is adapting to move solar panels and structures. The accountants and professional staff at utility companies are learning how to price the resource and the pitfalls that come with them.

Even within the fossil fuel industry, petrochemical engineers are transitioning into renewables research and development.

The Growing Need for Sustainability

Clearly, the economics of solar energy are only looking brighter. Is it a more sustainable solution, though? The answer is also yes. While some research remains to be done on how much solar energy affects the environment, it has already more than proven itself as a cleaner alternative to current methods.

Since solar panels do not produce any negative effects on the environment when in use, they easily beat out combustion methods that produce CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Plus, as climate change worsens and catastrophic weather events increase, the actual need for this technology becomes more apparent.

The more we destroy biodiversity, ravage our forests, pollute our oceans, poisoning our air, melt our icecaps and ignore our responsibility to the planet, the more we need to find solutions that will actually work.

Soon, it will not be a question of whether or not we should make a switch to alternative energy sources, but how we will do it fast enough to preserve our existence.

image - solar installation

The Importance of Solar Energy

This brings us all the way back to the topic of the article. When discussing solar energy, it is easy to show the many benefits it brings.

Job creation across multiple industries; a path towards carbon neutrality; simpler and cleaner energy and the potential to undo, reverse or, at least, postpone the devastation humankind has already wrought; these many benefits are apparent.

But, benefits do not make something important. They make it better certainly, but just because there is something in it for us does not make it important. No, the truly important things must be done at all costs, whether or not they provide a benefit.

Making tough choices requires the ability to sacrifice for future generations and look past our own external advantages. Let us all be capable of such actions.