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Bid Adieu to Cold: The Need for Basement Heating

The cold and dingy basement reminds us of the scary horror movies. It gets cold, dark and scary at night and the heart does not feel like going there.

How about installing lights and an efficient heating system? You can utilize the basement and turn it into an office, a cozy room for the kids or even a play area.

image - Bid Adieu to Cold - The Need for Basement Heating
Bid Adieu to Cold: The Need for Basement Heating

Lack of insulation can make the basement unbearably cold during the winter season. How about looking at the basement heater options?

By raising the temperature of the basement, you can utilize the room in several ways. Why should the basement be a dumping storage area? You could decorate the basement and turn it into a productive room.

Still not convinced?

Let us skim through the reasons to opt for basement heating. This will convince you to invest in a good quality basement heater.

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Why Should You Heat Up the Basement?

Let us say that you purchased an expensive home and it does not have enough rooms. Some guests do not need an invite, they simply enter your home without any prior notice. When they come to your home, it becomes a major hassle to make space for them in the children’s room or the living room.

When you heat up the basement and turn it into a cozy place, the guests can stay there and they will not enter your personal space. Just needs a little bit of creativity and investment of money.

Secondly, the basement can be utilized as a children’s playroom, a home library or even a place to exercise. You can turn it into a gym with all the equipment.

Usually, the basements have a lot of space for storage, but you can place some yoga mats, a treadmill, stationary cycle, and some weights. If you want to earn some extra bucks, turn the basement into a beautiful room and publicize it on Airbnb.

There are multiple ways to make money with this additional room. All you need to do is turn it into a cozy and heated room.

What are the Heating Options Available in the Market?

  • You can build a basement fireplace. This is easy to install and will be aesthetically pleasing. There are infrared fireplaces available that can save space, money and time. These are different from traditional fireplaces.
  • One of the best options is to buy a heater. There are natural gas, wireless, hanging out, and vent-free heaters available in the market. Space heaters are more portable and storage is easier.

Takeaway Advice

You need to check three things before buying the best heater for your basement. Check the wattage, safety features, and the usage area. If the heater is too small, it will not heat up the basement adequately. If the heater is too big, there will be a problem of space crunch.

Safety features such as auto shut off and tip-over protection are necessary. Make sure you buy the best heating option! If it is a fireplace, then you would need experts to install one.

The most pocket-friendly and portable option is to invest in a heater. So, heat your basement and make it a cozy and happy place for the family.

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