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10 Things Every DIYer Should Own

If the word DIY is like music to your ears, then you know that there is a selection of tools that you just cannot be without. The ideal selection of DIY tools takes a little while to put together, and it will depend on the types of DIY you like to do.

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10 Things Every DIYer Should Own

Over time, many people who cannot get enough of the do-it-yourself life will require shed outside to store all of their tools. Protective tool storage is the 101 of looking after your tools once you have them.

In the meantime, here are ten things that every DIY lover should own.

1. Table Saw

If you have a thing for big wood and can’t wait to make big furniture items and cabinets, then a table saw is the first thing you should consider.

The table saw can handle small rips and make multiple cuts simultaneously. It is a master tool, and once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

2. Bandsaw

You could also opt for a jigsaw instead of a bandsaw, which is incredible for making curved cuts, and you can also still rip lumbar with it. A bandsaw is ideal for making precision cuts in any wood you have.

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3. Power Sander

A power sander is your best friend; while there is a certain magic in sanding something down by hand for those vast areas, the power sander will get a beautiful smooth finish in almost no time at all.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t finish something by hand, but let the power sander do the heavy work first.

4. Claw Hammer

Almost every DIY project is going to require a hammer at some point. You can do simple things like put up artwork or put furniture together. But you could also use them for your woodworking projects.

But what makes a claw hammer an excellent choice is that not only does it hammer the nails in for you, it can pull them out too.

5. Pliers

Get a range of pliers with different-sized noses and handles. You’ll eventually have your favorite pair of pliers, and that will be your go-to, but in the meantime, a few different pairs will come in handy.

6. Safety Glasses

When you are doing any type of DIY, it is essential to consider your safety. Even sanding something down can cause tiny particles to fly into the air, and they can easily get trapped in your eye and cause damage.

You should have a few pairs of safety glasses around the workshop. It’s also a good idea to keep one fresh in the box at all times.

7. Glue

Never underestimate the power of glue. Having wood glue around can make repairs fast, but it can also hold items in place while making final, more permanent screw adjustments.

Super Glue, Krazy glue, Gorilla Glue, and any other glue you can think of will come in handy.

8. WD-40

If something is rusty or squeaky, add WD-40; if there is a bolt or a stuck hinge, add WD-40. Do you have a paint rub on your car? Add some WD40.

This little bottle will come in so handy you won’t be able to think of a point where you didn’t need it.

9. Duct Tape

You should have a good stash of all different types in different colors and sizes. Teflon tape is excellent for plumbing projects, but you’ll use electrical tape for any small wirework.

Have plenty of rolls of brown tape, duct tape, Teflon tape, and electrical tape at all times.

10. Adjustable Wrench

The more you get into DIY, the more you will be faced with nuts and bolts of all different sizes. If space is an issue, it is not practical to have multiple different wrench sizes. Instead, an adjustable wrench will be the best option.

And above all, remember when you’re buying a DIY tool, try it to go out for the highest quality you can afford.