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Important Things You Need to Know About Textured Coating

The term, a textured coating is defined as a product that provides you with an economical alternative for different kinds of textured elastomeric coatings.

Important Things You Need to Know About Textured Coating

The product has been specifically designed to ensure that you get premium finish acrylic latex that not only provides a great coating for home and commercial uses, but it can also be used on various kinds of interior and exterior areas.

This coating or rather a product also features a built-in texture that helps in hiding the rough and uneven surfaces. There are various options for tinting too. Therefore, here are some facts to know about the same:

Exterior Wall - Important Things You Need to Know About Textured Coating
Exterior Wall – Important Things You Need to Know About Textured Coating

Must Read:

  • A textured coating is actually a wonderful solution for individuals who are looking forward to getting an uneven finish, yet get something gorgeous. So, this is perfect for repairing your uneven wears and tears. Since the product has a finish similar to the texture you already have, you would be able to get the best of both the worlds. This can be applied with an ease on such areas and give you a rough but more refined finish.
  • It is a weatherproof solution. The textured coating would not get hindered by the rain or even the harsh sun. Therefore, if you are planning to use it outdoors, then you can do the same with an ease. Overall, it is ideal for the walls that surround the garden or even the outer part of your home. Once the regular coat of paint is applied, you can go for this coating to get a different look for the outdoors, yet be assured that it will not be washed away. So, it is a viable option for all kinds of surfaces.
  • Besides above, the textured coating also gives you the benefit to ensure that it is able to sustain stressful environments and fit within the budget. Since it has a long lifespan, you do not have to worry about the product wearing off anytime soon. You can put on a coat and it would be there for years to come.

These benefits advocate that textured coating is a great option for coating the interior as well as exterior.

Texture Coating
Texture Coating

Process for Textured Coating

Now, that you are aware of the benefits of this coating, here are a few aspects that would come into play:

  • First of all, do remember that before you start off with the textured coating, you must examine the wall or get it checked by experts. There are two reasons for the same. The first being you would be able to assess just how much of the coating is required. Secondly, to get a list of the kind of trenching the wall needs. Some walls might decay underneath. Therefore, in such case, it is best to do this prior to applying the coat.
  • Along with this, the entire house is pressure cleaned, especially the outside areas that are prone to dirt and debris. Doing so is again important because you do not want a poor finish. With the textured coating, this is done in almost all cases for the outside wall. However, the indoor walls could be just cleaned using other dry methods like petroleum or even with soap and water.

Do remember that the process of textured coating is something that requires a little bit of time and patience. Without it, you would simply end up getting results that are not desirable, and it might look shoddy if done haphazardly.

Fixing the deteriorated spots and ensuring that the basic primer and other methods are applied correctly will ensure that you are able to sustain a gorgeous home color for months to come.

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