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Things To Be Known Before Starting To Use Granite Kitchen Worktops / Countertops | Different Uses of Granite

IT is a known fact to each and everyone in the world that the granite made worktops / countertops are one of the popular things in the world. Almost every alternative home have such a worktop fitted either in their kitchen or washrooms. Many of the modern offices all over the world have even started fitting such kinds of worktops. It is because such worktops give a fresh and trendy look to the place where they are fitted in.

Things To Be Known Before Starting To Use Granite Kitchen Worktops
Granite Kitchen Worktops
However, there are certain things, which one needs to know about granite kitchen worktops before one starts using or even thinks of fitting them in his or her home or office are provided below:

About Granite

Granite is indeed a popular choice for kitchen work surfaces. There are several reasons behind its popularity. One of the key reasons among them is that granite is attractive natural stone and can be found in a variety of shades. If you like light colors, you can use granite. On the other hand, if a deep shade suits your home décor, then also there is nothing to worry. Granite is there to cater to your interest. Some of the colors in which granite remains available include white, gold, sand, green, grey, brown, beige and black. When selecting a particular shade, it is always advisable to look at the samples or else an improper decision may create negative impact on your new home décor. However, only buying the perfectly-suited granite is not the end of your job.

Installation and Maintenance of Granite Countertop / Worktops

You always need to make sure that you are putting hard effort to install the granite worktops / countertop. This is because if the installation cannot be done carefully, you can never expect to get a good look. Now, after the installation gets done, you should shift your focus on the granite maintenance. There is no denying the fact that an attractive granite work surface is an asset to any home. It is not only appealing to the eye but it is also preferred for its need of little maintenance. Though while working on it, sometimes it may get scratches and stains but if you can be a bit careful, all these problems may get reduced.

Granite – a Popular Choice of the Stone Engravers

Due to its hard surface, granite Calgary is also popular among the stone engravers. If you are looking for durability and want to make your creation last for a long time, you should opt for granite. To engrave something in this stone is quite tough but if it can be done properly, it will stay for long years. However, there are several other uses of granite but these are indeed the most common ones. So, use this stone and enjoy its utility.

Things To Be Known Before Starting To Use Granite Kitchen Worktops / Countertops

The first and foremost thing is that these kinds of worktops / countertops are quite easy to be cleaned. One can just use any mild dish washing soap along with water to clean the surface of the worktops. The entire cleaning process does not even necessitate much time.

Additionally, the granite finished worktops are highly stain resistant. Hence, one does not need to worry about the stains and spills on the worktops. Polishing the same with a smooth cloth even keeps the worktop look brand new, which as a result, gives a fresh and new look to the entire kitchen.

The worktops, which are made of granite are quite easy to be installed as well. And even if one has to pay a bit more for the installation of the same or for the products itself still it is worth it because the eye appealing look that it would give post it is being installed in a kitchen – nothing like it. In addition to that, such kinds of worktops last for quite a longer period of time, which in turn saves one from the expense of replacing his or her granite kitchen worktops frequently.

However, there are a few points, which one needs to keep in mind while using such kinds of worktops failing which can make some damages to the worktop surfaces. It is quite probable to have the spill over of lemon juices, vinegar or soda on the surface of the granite worktops because kitchen is the place, where we deal with such things while preparing food. But acidic foods like the ones mentioned earlier off the surface can damage them. Apart from this, using the surface of the worktops, which are made from granite as a cutting board, is even a strict no-no. It is because a knife is capable enough of making minuscule cuts in the granite made worktop surface as well as scratches over it, which affects the ease of cleaning and polishing it.

Apart from that,
it is advisable not to keep any hot pan on the granite kitchen worktops’ surface as it is more likely that they can leave a slight discoloration on the same. Though such a discoloration can be removed by buffing gently by fine steel wool but still it is better to avoid placing hot pans over it; why taking any risk with the look of that thing, which actually makes your kitchen look trendier.

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