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Keeping it Clean – How a Serviced Apartment Cleaning London Service Helps!

The serviced apartment industry is rightly based on the idea of luxury – of high-quality service, effectively a hotel standard of cleaning and presentation.

And often the only way to get that effect achieved is by using a serviced apartment cleaning London company. But how do you know in advance whether the one you use is likely to do the business for you?

image - Keeping it Clean – How a Serviced Apartment Cleaning London Service Helps!
Keeping it Clean – How a Serviced Apartment Cleaning London Service Helps!

Taking a look at the flexibility of the cleaning company you are thinking of using is the first key indicator. If your cleaning company is unable to promise a tailored cleaning package, don’t waste any more time on it.

What you want is a company that does customise cleaning, according to your requirements and the needs of your customer.

Obviously, the layout and use of your apartments will to an extent dictate things like the frequency and intensity of your serviced apartment cleaning London requirements. And there are specific things, presentation things, that you may have exact requirements for.

For example – where you provide complimentary cleaning products in your bathroom, do you like to have them all arranged in a specific order? How about having all the labels facing outwards?

The serviced apartment cleaning London company you choose to use should be able to train all staff involved in cleaning your properties in the exact aesthetic requirements you have, as well as the more “nitty-gritty” based aspects of your cleaning programme.

At the very least I imagine you expect to have a pre-occupancy and an end of occupancy clean for your guests. Also, the majority of serviced apartments provide once weekly cleaning as part of their package. And you may, of course, want to offer extra cleaning services for a charge, on top of the basic package.

Again we are talking about luxury. Serviced apartment cleaning London is about providing a luxury service to people and companies willing to pay for it. So the service you, in turn, as a landlord of serviced properties, supplies, is key to the success of your venture.

The Olympics are on the way, as everyone who lives in the UK is by now well aware – and if there’s ever a time that the quality of your serviced apartment cleaning London provision was really under the microscope, this is it.

There will be a surfeit of business, a huge amount of competition for rooms and places to stay – and the cleaning companies that pull the best service out of the bag will be remembered for a long time to come.

So now is also a good time for you to make sure your current serviced apartment cleaning London company is up to the task.

Ask yourself this – what measures have been agreed to deal with the potentially huge volume of traffic your apartments may experience? Has your current contractor made you well aware in advance of its travel plans, where road closures and transport congestion may affect the timeliness and quality of its service?

Be prepared, and you’ll enjoy the continued benefits of high-quality cleaning.

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