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This Is How to Clean the Exterior of a House

There are a lot of great benefits to being a homeowner. It’s one of the major milestones in life and one that many people put a lot of work towards achieving.

However, there’s a lot of responsibility and care that comes with being the owner of a home.

image - This Is How to Clean the Exterior of a House
This Is How to Clean the Exterior of a House

House cleaning doesn’t only require the upkeep on the interior of your home; the exterior needs a lot of care as well. Cleaning a home’s exterior will take some work and elbow grease.

It will also take the proper knowledge of how to go about the process.

Do you know how to clean the exterior of a house? If this is a new project for you, read on. We’ll walk you through some essential tips and tricks to get your house looking as good as can be.

Cleaning Patios & Porches

There are a lot of different elements of the exterior of your house that might need some extra loving. However, there are few that are as worthy of your focus as the patio or porch.

After all, this is where you’ll spend the most time, hosting guests and taking in the beauty of your yard.

Of course, not every porch or patio will need the same care as another. The major thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the material that your outdoor space is built from.

Concrete will need different services from wood, and getting your wires crossed on the best cleaning methods could result in damage to your home.

You should be able to use a pressure washer to clean the dirt and gunk of any of these surfaces, though the settings and nozzle that you use will vary depending on the material in question. Wood and soft services will need a more delicate hand than concrete.

It’s a good idea to test out your pressure washer on a small area on the porch and ensure no damage is done before heading off to do the whole structure.

If a few areas need some extra elbow grease to get them clean, you might need to get a cleaner and rag and get to work. Ensure that the cleaner you are using doesn’t have chemicals that will tear away the structure of your porch material.

If you are really worried about damaging your patio or porch space, you can hire a professional who is adept at treating home exteriors with careful care. You can find more information on services like this and see if it fits the needs of your home.

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Cleaning Your Siding

What about the vinyl siding on your home? There is only one true method to get this looking brand new. You’ll want to grab your house hose and a big brush. Apply soapy water to the side of the home, scrub, and then rinse off.

If you do this all-around your home, you should find that most of the grime that has built up will come off with ease.

However, if there are a few spots that are resistant to your cleaning efforts, it might be worth diluting some bleach and using that as an additional cleaner.

Wash the siding well, but stay away from using a power washer, no matter how tempting.

Yes, this could cut through the grime much quicker (and with less need for your own personal muscle work) but the damage that can be done to your siding is just not worth it.

It may also force water through the seams of vinyl siding panels, creating a massive headache for you to fix later on.

Cleaning Your Roof

You can’t really see your roof with great clarity from your front yard. For this reason, many homeowners skip past taking care of their roof during an exterior cleaning. However, this is a mistake you should avoiding making!

Cleaning your roof on a semi-regular basis can help to avoid problems from developing. It will help maintain your roof and keep it healthy and strong for many more years.

Cleaning a roof doesn’t have to take much work. All you usually need to do is some simple sweeping and removing debris, fallen branches, and so forth.

This can have more benefits than one. Not only will it improve the appearance of your home, but it will also help prevent the build-up of further debris and water.

If your gutters get clogged up with debris, they won’t drain water, and water might end up standing on your roof.

This can lead to serious roof damage and persistent leaks. Not only will this be a headache, but it will also be expensive to fix. Irritating!

Cleaning your roof on a semi-regular basis can help to avoid all of this trouble. Just make sure you do it by hand. Even a low-powered pressure washer can damage shingles, creating the exact problems that you’re up there trying to avoid.

As you pull up to your home from further up the street, you’ll smile at the sight of your clean and debris-free surface. Your wallet will be smiling back at you as well.

How to Clean the Exterior of a House

Being a homeowner means taking care of all elements of your property, even the ones that might require a little bit more work and effort.

If you’re uncertain of how to clean the exterior of a house, the above information can be very helpful. Cleaning a home’s exterior can take a good amount of work, but it will be worth it to see it sparking at the end of the day.

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