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Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Bursting Solutions

If you’ve ever had to replace a pipe, you know it can be a costly and lengthy process. You have to dig a trench to find the burst line, replace a pipe, and restore any landscaping or sidewalk that is affected.

But did you know there is another way that takes less time and is much less disruptive to your life?

image - Everything You Need to Know about Pipe Bursting Solutions
Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Bursting Solutions

Pipe bursting technology allows experienced professionals to replace a burst pipe without digging. It’s a fascinating method, and this article will explain how it works!

What Exactly Is Pipe Bursting?

It may sound a little silly to call something that replaces a burst pipe “pipe bursting.” The name comes from the action of inserting a tool into a leaky pipe and bursting it open from the inside. Here’s how it works:

A new pipe (usually constructed from HDPE) is inserted into the old pipe with a “bursting head” attached to the front of it. The section is drawn through the damaged pipe until it bursts. The new pipe takes its place.

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Who Can Perform Pipe Bursting?

Many licensed contractors can provide this service. They will use one of three methods:

  • Pneumatic – pulsating air pressure bursts the old pipe
  • Hydraulic – a mechanism that expands and contracts as it is pulled through the old pipe
  • Static – this is more of a brute force approach with no interior moving parts

The best way to find out if pipe bursting is the right option for your situation is to contact a plumber. They can assess your particular needs, perform a pipe inspection, and identify which method will be most effective.

How Much Does Pipe Bursting Cost?

Expect to pay between $60 and $300 per foot for pipe bursting services. This is marginally higher than a traditional trenching approach, but there is much less disruption to your life, home, or business with pipe bursting.

When budgeting for a pipe repair, you have to consider the extra cost of replacing a driveway or sidewalk, restoring your landscaping, and the rental of excavation equipment.

Is This a DIY Project?

While some homeowners have the skills to dig up and replace a section of a burst pipe, this is a specialized technique that requires a professional’s assistance.

As with all plumbing repairs, consult a licensed plumbing contractor and contact your local authorities before digging. You may need to get a permit or have the local utility company mark the presence of other lines in the area.

Burst Your Burst Pipes

Pipe bursting technology is fast and efficient. It replaces old pipes by inserting a new pipe into the damaged section. A bursting head breaks apart the existing pipe and leaves the new one in its place.

This method of pipe repair doesn’t require extensive excavation. It takes less time than traditional methods, and it doesn’t require a lengthy restoration of landscapes and hardscapes when you are finished.

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