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5 Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance

Since 2021, the number of commercial buildings has risen by 6%.

There are more commercial properties in the U.S. now than ever. With that increase comes the need for commercial property maintenance. A whole lot more goes into the maintenance of a commercial property versus a residential property.

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5 Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance

So, how can you ensure you are taking the correct steps to maintain your property? Keep reading for 5 property management tips.

1. Property Management Software

If you need to maintain the commercial property, then using the right management software can help you organize and track vital information.

You can use property management software to keep records of work orders and track when you need to have another annual inspection done.

2. Exterior Maintenance

An important aspect of commercial property maintenance is ensuring the exterior stays in good condition.

You should make a schedule for routine check-ups where you walk the exterior of the property. As you do, make a note of anything that needs repairing or replaced.

This can include things from paint on the exterior to cracked window glass to new signage. If you notice that the concrete driveway or parking lot has sustained heavy damage, look into having a professional like K&E Flatwork handle the job.

3. Interior Maintenance

While the exterior of your commercial property is important, so too is the interior. Perhaps even more so.

Be sure to attend to proper upkeep of things like paint touch-ups on the interior walls, cleaning the flooring and furniture, replacing lights, and more.

You want to ensure you keep a safe and clean environment for those who stay within your commercial building.

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4. Balance Tenant Types

If possible, avoid having tenants in your commercial property who all sell the same goods or services. This leads to heavy competition between the tenants and they won’t be able to earn enough money. If your tenants are profiting, they won’t be able to pay your rent.

Hence, when choosing your commercial property tenants, put some thought into it. Avoid putting similar stores beside each other and instead try to include a variety of markets within your property. This will, in turn, attract a myriad of customers.

5. Facilities and Utilities

There are certain areas on your commercial property that should always be maintained. This includes areas like the bathrooms, elevators, air condition units, and any other facilities or utilities the property may have.

These are important areas to maintain as they play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the commercial property.

Stay on Top of Commercial Property Maintenance

Always keep up with your commercial property maintenance and never let things fall to the wayside. Once your commercial property starts to look a bit worse for wear, you lose potential customers and tenants.

People want to feel a professional air when they walk into a business. If the parking lot is all cracked and filled with potholes, the business is going to appear abandoned.

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