Whether it is a residential or commercial property, the type of balustrade you pick for your staircase plays a vital role.

Not only does the balustrade impact the staircase’s aesthetics, but it is also crucial for safety. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect balustrade to align with the building’s style.

image - 10 Tips to Help You Place the Perfect Balustrade

10 Tips to Help You Place the Perfect Balustrade

Here are a few tips that can help you place the perfect balustrade.

1. Safety

Even a single stumble on the staircase could cause fatal damage. Therefore, while placing a balustrade, it is essential to consider how safe they are.

For instance, if the building is frequented by the elderly or children, the most suitable balustrade would be one with ample grabbing space. That way, in case of anything, they can grip onto the balustrade for safety.

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2. Durability

Like any other investment you make, you would want a balustrade that gives you value for your money. Therefore, buy a balustrade made of high-quality materials from reputable suppliers.

Besides, ensure that you maintain the balustrade properly for a longer life span.

3. Space Available

Your balustrade needs to align with a particular room’s needs. For instance, if the staircase is at the corner of the room, it would be best to choose a balustrade that shifts the focus away.

A balustrade that draws attention to the staircase gives the illusion of a smaller room.

4. Light

You might need to light up the area below the staircase. For the light to find its way to lower parts, it would be best to go with an appropriate balustrade. For instance, a glass balustrade would be ideal.

5. Personal Style

While the main goal is keeping people safe, don’t ignore your taste and preference. Keep in mind that staircases are interesting features that no one is likely to miss.

Therefore, you want to keep your balustrade as aesthetically appealing as possible. If your home’s architecture is predominantly modern, it would be best to go wired, stainless, and glass balustrades.

On the other hand, if your home is classic, timber and steel balustrades would do the trick.

6. Cost

The material and size of the balustrades you choose determine how much you will spend. Therefore, it would be best to weigh the available options and choose one that suits your budget.

Put into consideration the entire installation cost, including accessories such as a stainless steel blind nut. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the available options, set a budget before starting shopping.

7. Maintenance

Some balustrades call for very minimal care, while others need regular maintenance. For instance, if you place glass balustrades, you will need to clean them from time to time.

On the contrary, other types, such as stainless steel balustrades, need little care. If you don’t wish to accrue huge maintenance expenses, it would be best to refrain from care-intensive types.

8. The Supplier

There are numerous suppliers out there, who all claim that their products are genuine. To get value for your money:

  • Do the due diligence, and check out the supplier.
  • Go through reviews about their products online.
  • If you like what you see, go ahead and make the purchase.

9. Ease of Cleaning

The staircase is a major access point in and out of a building. Therefore, you would be surprised at how dirty they get. While choosing a balustrade, consider the ease of cleaning.

For instance, cleaning glass balustrades can be quite tasking. Despite being a sight to behold, it would not be ideal for areas with many children, such as schools.

However, they are perfect for other areas, such as corporate offices, where the exposure to touch is minimal.

10. Visual Confirmation

There is nothing wrong with asking for proof from your preferred supplier. To get an idea of what you are paying for, feel free to ask for customer references. Inspect their previous works and make a decision.

Regardless of the material you choose, balustrades play a vital role in both interior and exterior décor. If your staircase or balcony look dilapidated, you could give them a revamp by choosing the perfect balustrade.

For outdoor balustrades, consider weather-resistant materials for longevity. You might also consider other protective measures, such as applying coatings.

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