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Tips on How to Build Custom Cabinets

The success of any kitchen renovations projects you choose is largely dependent on the features you choose. At the same time, kitchen flooring countertops and new appliances are often outstanding features that can transform the space.

Simply changing kitchen cabinets are another course of action that can dramatically uplift the aesthetics of your kitchen.

image - Tips on How to Build Custom Cabinets
Tips on How to Build Custom Cabinets

It’s not lightly undertaken, however, and because it’s such a high surface area of your kitchen, you might be faced with some hard decisions on whether to hire a local, Calgary kitchen renovation company, or try your hand at replacing cabinets yourself.

Another critical decision is whether or not to order stock kitchen cabinets or sit down with a renovation company and pick out custom cabinets.

If you’re renovating your current place into a dream home, custom cabinets might be the most stunning part of the kitchen renovation you make. But how do you build custom cabinets?

Deciding on Custom Cabinet Materials & Processes

Before you go ahead with this option, you will want to know how to build custom cabinets so that you will get benefits like value, style, and durability in your kitchen cabinets.

But most importantly, you’ll need to consider how to choose the best material for cabinetry from among the different options that are available.

Luxury materials can spoil you for choice, but if you or a renovation designer have a vision for your dream home, choosing a deluxe material for your custom cabinets can really help you narrow down your choices and bring your vision to life.

You can also opt for lower-quality materials and stock cabinets. And depending on the type of material and how many layers the material has, it can still look amazing.

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You can select from solid wood, plywood, recycled wood fibers, and particle board so that you will get the most functional and attractive-looking custom cabinet according to your whims.

You might not want to go ahead with the construction of the cabinet yourself; it’s more feasible and efficient to hire custom cabinet professionals who will design the cabinets according to the available space in the kitchen.

These professionals will bring all the modified parts of the custom cabinets that are separately built and install them in your kitchen expertly.

Proper installation of the cabinets is crucial as it provides surface aesthetic and neatly stores all your kitchen equipment, fine china, everyday dishes, and more safely and securely.

When you are in need of additional storage space, you will need to add more storage into the cabinets so that you will get the best solutions according to your kitchen renovation needs.

With custom cabinets, you can choose the right height of the cabinet for optimal storage and aesthetics.

Designing & Building Custom Cabinets

Manufacturing is a huge part of getting your custom cabinet installed. What makes them custom instead of stock is the way the cabinet you choose begins with just raw materials and components.

A custom cabinet maker will gather the desired dimensions into a drawing.

This drawing will also need precisely measured distances relative to utility lines, major appliances, and counters will go, and how much space the framed or frameless cabinet doors will occupy.

image - Designing & Building Custom Cabinets

You’ll need to manufacture the material to the drawing’s measurements and fabricate the cabinet’s pieces layer by layer from the design drawing.

If you don’t have the manufacturing equipment required, there’s no choice but to order stock cabinets or hire a custom cupboard professional.

Key pieces need frames (unless frameless), toe kick-in boards, and an excellent finished exterior panel board on all exterior surfaces.

Then, you just need to install them, which isn’t nearly as resource intensive as building them.

Whether working with stock or custom cabinets, you also need to have the right set of tools and equipment for the installation process so that you can get the desired results and a functional kitchen cabinet.

Custom cabinets can be a demanding task, often requiring professional resources and equipment, from design to manufacture to installation. But the dream home aesthetic they bring is well worth it.

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