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5 Tips for Planning a Garden Wedding

If you’re one of the couples who prefer less formal settings, you can book luxury wedding tent rentals for your garden wedding. It can be just the kind of experience you’re looking for.

What can better reflect the beauty of the new beginning than exchanging your vows in a place brimming with natural beauty, colorful and fragrant?

image - 5 Tips for Planning a Garden Wedding
5 Tips for Planning a Garden Wedding

But, as it happens outdoors, it might require a little more planning, both in advance and backup,

These five tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Select the Venue

Unless you have our own impressive yard, big enough for an intimate wedding party, there are many other ways to secure a venue.

Traditional wedding venues usually demand a deposit and a commitment, but they typically offer all-inclusive packages.

You can also decide to rent a private outside space, but then you may need to provide your furniture rentals and catering, meaning you will need to secure your caterer at the same time as booking.

If you obtain proper permissions, you can also plan to throw your wedding in public gardens. Or, you may have y

Make sure you get all the details on what you can and cannot do at each venue, as it may help you determine whether or not you still want to have the wedding there.

Carefully consider your budget and think about all the people you need to help you with the wedding logistics physically.

Will the venue provide you with the service of setup and breakdown? How hard do you and your family members want to work on your wedding day? The answers to these questions will help you make your choice.

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The comfort teltudlejning brings a positive attitude and enthusiasm to all of the events, ensuring that they are both enjoyable and unforgettable.

2. Pick Your Design

Some of the gardens are perfect just the way you are. Waiongana Garden in New Zealand, one of the famous Taranaki Wedding Venues, doesn’t need any extra décor as it’s already famous for colorful flowers, different species of zesty fruits, shrubs, and exotic trees.

But some venues will need your personal touch to make them memorable and more your own. While you can undoubtedly find many design ideas on Pinterest, you can as well start with going through your belongings and those of your family: Maybe it’s the perfect moment to polish up that antique chandelier you bought at a garage sale!

And wouldn’t your mother’s old-fashioned lawn decorations look charming beside your sign-in table?

What about your aunt’s wedding in China? Look around for inspiration, and you’ll surely find details that will make your garden design more intimate and meaningful.

Also, think about the mood you want to create, as it will help you design the space – “garden rooms” with retro or modern lounge furniture or fun spaces with wooden benches, beach chairs, or picnic blankets.

3. What Food Should You Serve?

The best part about a garden wedding is that you can get super creative with your meals. There are so many great food options you can serve up for your big day.

Want a wood-fired pizza oven? A pig roast? With strategic planning, you can make any of these ideas come true.

Or, you can go for the safe option, and select past appetizers during the cocktail hour, and serve plated meals for dinner—this way, you’ll avoid pests humming around the family-style dishes or a buffet.

4. Be Cautious About the Weather

There’s no guarantee that the day you choose for your wedding will be perfect weather-wise. But there are ways you can be prepared.

If it is too sunny, you can place patio umbrellas throughout your venue and fill a basket with individual sunscreens and sunglasses. Think about paper or portable fans, pop-up tents, hats, and bottled water for too-warm weather.

  • If the weather is too cold, consider cozy blankets your guests could use to keep themselves warm. And if it happens to rain, you can offer them umbrellas, rain ponchos, or fluffy towels.

The safest option is a fully operational Plan B. If the venue you select doesn’t offer the use of the building, you can have a “just-in-case” deposit on some large tents that can accommodate all of your guests instead.

5. Adults Only?

Some couples can’t imagine getting married without children present. If that’s the case with you, a garden wedding can be a perfect choice.

.Since a garden’s atmosphere is usually informal, children will feel welcome and comfortable.

There are also many ways to keep them entertained, things that you can’t expect to have in other types of venues. Bubble wands, lawn games, tents for a hideaway – kids can spend hours having fun.

With a little bit of planning, you can make your garden wedding an unforgettable experience, both for you and your guests

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