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Are Kitchen Renovations Worth It?

The ways in which we use our kitchens have evolved over the past few decades.

No longer is it simply a place to cook and store your food. Rather, it’s become a place to gather over dinner, homework, and conversation.

The kitchen has long been considered to be the heart of the home, but it is only recently that we’ve redefined that meaning and established our kitchens as a focal piece of the home.

This has led to a change in our perception of a kitchen’s value. Now, kitchens are one of the first rooms that homeowners tackle when it comes time for renovations.

While practicality and functionality remain high priorities, many homeowners also place a strong emphasis on aesthetics, wanting a kitchen worth bragging about.

But designing your dream kitchen can become an expensive process, and costs can add up quickly. So, are kitchen renovations worth it? Let’s take a look!

image - Are Kitchen Renovations Worth It?
Are Kitchen Renovations Worth It?

The Cost

Kitchen renovations are typically one of the most expensive home renovations you can take on.

A simple update can easily start around $30,000, but the price goes up as you begin to explore more high-end materials and appliances.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen in the hopes that it will make your home more attractive on the market, then it’s recommended you play it safe.

An average kitchen remodel will actually pay off more than a high-end one, so if you do not intend to actually utilize your kitchen, then why pay top dollar for a space you won’t use?

Cabinets and faucets are the first to look outdated, so replacing those and switching up the colors or tiles can be a simple way to update your kitchen.

At the end of the day, it’s estimated that you’ll make back 54 to 77 percent of what you spend on your kitchen renovation, depending on the size of the renovation.

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The Functionality

As we’ve established, we no longer use kitchens the same way as we once did.

That means they likely no longer serve us in the way we need them to. Older homes often come with funky layouts or closed-off spaces, resulting in frustration every time we go to use our kitchen.

The FunctionalityBut if you intend to invest time into your home, then a kitchen renovation is likely worth it! Why struggle with a lack of storage, insufficient lighting, or a layout that makes cooking a nightmare? By renovating your kitchen, you can collaborate with your contractor and find a design plan that allows you to maximize your time spent in your kitchen.

The Look

There’s something beautiful about the pride and joy you feel about your home every time you walk through the door.

You worked hard to own your home, so why not allow it to match your own style and preferences? Perhaps you’ve longed for an open floor plan; taking down a wall will allow your home to feel larger and more inviting! Or maybe you’ve always wished for a kitchen island; with one, you can visit with friends or family while you cook! And don’t forget all the visual drama you can add by playing with funky materials and fixtures! By creating a space, you love, you’ll find that you’ll be gravitating towards your kitchen, rather than avoiding it.

We talk about whether renovating a kitchen is financially worth it, but the emotional value is always worth considering as well! If you’ve found your forever home, it only makes sense that it slowly starts to reflect its owners.

Ultimately, kitchen renovations are worth it! As a seller, it’s important to realize that potential buyers are often looking for an updated and modern kitchen.

But as a homeowner, a kitchen renovation can mean more functionality and utilization. So don’t hesitate to explore your kitchen renovation options today!

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