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10 Tips to Start a Garden in Your Brand-New Home

Appreciation for fine things and sophisticated enjoinment tends to come with age. It takes a while for people to slow down, smell the roses, and explore the beauty of the present moment, especially with activities such as gardening, where the journey itself is a source of gratification.

When the kids are grown up, and you have time, starting a garden brings plenty of benefits. A garden can increase the value of your luxury home and help you maintain good health, both physically and mentally.

Similarly, it will complement the aesthetic narrative of your property and allow you to express yourself differently.

image - 10 Tips to Start a Garden in Your Brand-New Home
10 Tips to Start a Garden in Your Brand-New Home

This article shares ten actionable tips on how to set up your garden. From conceptual layouts to practical, hands-on techniques, we will take a step-by-step approach and start from scratch.

Decide On a Focal Point

Starting a project of any size can be overwhelming. When the task at hand includes a complex set of parts, prioritizing is essential. The easiest way to set up your garden is to build the focal point around which it will spread and expand.

Depending on your experience and ambition, the focal point can vary. You can install a marble statue or any artistic artifact, carefully position an antique bench or use your swimming pool, patio, or stair entrance.

When you have a focal point in mind, the decorative concept of your garden starts to take shape.

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Embrace Symmetry

It is easy to get creative when you have to adhere to form. Even experienced gardeners are hesitant to paint on an empty canvas, which is why creative constraints are helpful.

Luckily, symmetry is a very forgiving constraint. It allows you to mirror-image one part of the garden and expand your square footage without conceptual additions.

Moreover, symmetry looks grandiose and can nicely fit in with your overall luxury narrative. It is no wonder we find symmetrical images soothing and incredibly appealing.

Use Stone or Cast-Iron Planters

Working with elevation or manipulating the landscape is challenging when people start gardening. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of non-assuming planters, which provide convenience.

Use cast iron planters if your external color palate is dark and heavy. Alternatively, go with stone pots that blend with the background and invite little attention.

Plant At Different Elevations

You can use vertical space as your skills progress by planting on multiple levels. There is nothing more boring than a flat garden. It is the equivalent of choosing not to decorate your walls, install lighting, or add furniture.

A rich and layered luxury garden will never look bland. Therefore, use small trees, vines, or vibrant, colorful bushes that add life to the space.

Consider Outbuildings

If adding a small garden shed seems overly ambitious, highlight your already established patio. The truth is that outbuildings add richness to the overall aesthetic narrative, especially when complementing your luxury property’s architecture.

Gorgeous greenhouse additions can match any stylistic direction and improve your design. They can look contemporary, Victorian, or artisan – whatever fits the architecture of your primary property building.

Install Sophisticated Flooring

Use herringbone and marble for patios and other outdoor areas or different types of gravel for paths and planting lanes.

Sharp and deliberate flooring patterns reflect strong design intuition and take surprisingly little time to implement right. If you are hesitating over how to decorate your garden, use this simple hack to cover more space and still get away with it.

Make Use of Underplanting

To decorate a luxurious property is to pay attention to every inch of space. Much the same is true for your garden. Add trailing plants to enrich the foundation when using boxed planters or to arrange small trees around your property.

Create Mini Ponds

Regardless of their shape or form, water features will elevate the aesthetic concept of your garden. And you don’t have to invest heavily to achieve a soothing, tranquil area either.

Small fountains, or ponds with carefully laid stone foundations, can efficiently serve as focal points. Alternatively, you can add aquatic plants and make an effort to blend the pond with the rest of the garden so that it is unassuming and without a particular highlight.

Color It Black

There is a reason why the black dress evokes glamour and luxury. The color is not readily available in nature, so we pause whenever we see an item covered with dark, heavy tones.

To adopt this evolutionary hack, paint one part of the exterior black. Alternatively, you can add a black fence, stones, pots, or even a large outdoor umbrella. However, use the color black with extreme caution, as it is there to provide a striking contrast.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Grass

Nothing beats a well-tended grass carpet as much as plant variety can add to an overall sense of luxury and richness. Suppose you want to introduce calming repetition, symmetry, and consistency. In that case, a quality green surface can be the ideal backbone for tall rows of cedar.

The grass is much easier to maintain than a diverse set of plants. Yet, it pairs perfectly with white stone, blue swimming pools, and bright patio furniture. Should you go with grass, various plants can significantly enhance your décor and add vibrancy and sophistication to your overall design narrative.

Whatever your decorative decision, remember that gardening can often become an end to itself. There is a positive association between gardening and many health outcomes, so starting your garden without paralyzing deliberation is smart.

Just pick up one of the tips above as your starting point, and remember to have fun along the way.