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Diving Into Some Great Tips to Help You Lower Janitorial Service Costs

Smart and thriving businesses are all about cost-cutting. In fact, companies can double their profits just by making cost-reducing changes. It’s not only the operational and supply chain aspects of the business that businesses can save money on but they can also save money on outsourced services.

Janitorial services cost businesses thousands of dollars each year, especially with the recent minimum wage increase. However, many of these services dent your business account, but you can’t do without them. Your only option is to adopt strategies and policies to cut down these janitorial service costs.

image - Diving Into Some Great Tips to Help You Lower Janitorial Service Costs
Diving Into Some Great Tips to Help You Lower Janitorial Service Costs

To reduce the cost of janitorial services, you must be willing to implement a few changes. Some of these changes may seem costly at first, but they will save your business a lot of money in the long run. Some of them, on the other hand, just involve making internal changes and don’t cost a thing.

If you want to cut the cost of janitorial service, read on to find out some tips on how to do just that.

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Get Some New Equipment

Most business owners aren’t exactly enthusiastic about buying new cleaning equipment, especially when the old ones still work. However, new cleaning equipment helps get the job done faster, which then reduces cleaning expenses.

Apart from that, new equipment also does a better job of cleaning than old worn-out equipment.

There’s a huge difference between the latest cleaning equipment and those from say five years ago. The latest cleaning equipment has newer technologies to make cleaning faster and more efficient.

So you might want to let go of that old scrubber and get a new one from the nearest hardware store.

Automate Cleaning

The average person takes about 1.5 hours to clean a 1,000-square feet house. That’s roughly an hour for every one thousand square feet. A machine, like an automatic scrubber, takes no longer than five minutes to clean the same area.

Invest in some automatic cleaning machines to reduce cleaning time, and also cut down the cleaning workforce you require. The initial costs may be steep, but the long-term returns will cut the janitorial service costs quite significantly.

Promote Worker Safety

Cleaning doesn’t seem like a dangerous job, but you’d be surprised how many employers file workers’ compensation for their janitors. That’s why it’s so important to emphasize worker safety and train your cleaning workers on how to maintain safety in the workplace.

Apart from promoting safety, you should also provide all janitors with protective clothing and gear, especially when cleaning hazardous areas.

Also, take steps to hazard-proof your business premises by installing guard rails and cordoning areas with hazardous items.

Purchase Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

No matter the size of your business, purchasing goods in bulk saves you some good money. The same goes for cleaning supplies. If you buy the cleaning agents in gallons instead of pint-sized containers, you’ll be saving a considerable amount of money.

Apart from cutting down cleaning costs, you’ll also be doing the environment a huge favor. Plus, you won’t have to worry about purchasing cleaning supplies for a good long time. Liaise with your supplier and find out how you can buy cleaning agents in bulk.

Train Your Janitorial Team

You need to train your cleaning staff on efficient and effective cleaning methods. That way, they can clean a large area in the shortest time possible and use the cleaning resources sparingly.

Comprehensive janitorial training takes two phases. The first phase is the initial training, where you introduce the cleaning methods and organize them.

The next phase is a series of follow up training sessions where you optimize the current cleaning formula, make necessary improvements, and correct mistakes.

If you train your janitorial staff consistently, then you can cut down on the overall cleaning cost because cleaning will be effective and efficient.

Find Cleaning Companies With Workloading Programs

Workloading programs are programs that calculate the amount of time required to accomplish a particular task by a set number of people. Cleaning companies with such products can schedule their cleaning and streamline them to be faster and much more efficient.

As the client, you can also know when to expect the cleaning to start and when it ends. That way, you can schedule the cleaning ahead of important meetings and ensure the cleaning doesn’t interrupt any important event.

Companies with workloading programs, like these cleaners, often have a reasonable rate and also deliver stellar service.

Implement a Job Card Policy

A job card contains a work schedule and the section of your premises one janitor should work on together with the rate of service.

The first job card, for instance, will have a specific rate per square feet cleaned. That way, no matter how long the job takes, the janitor is paid a fixed rate for cleaning services. Once the janitor completes the first job card, say 5,000 square feet, they receive another one.

The second job card will have a higher rate for a higher cleaning area. For example, now the job card will read this amount of payment for 5,800 square feet. These job cards motivate the cleaning staff to work faster and efficiently so they can move to the next job card.

It also discourages cleaning staff from sleeping on the job so that you can pay them more for working for long hours. With this policy, the more area one covers, the more pay they receive.

Janitorial Service Costs Shouldn’t Break the Bank

If you take these tips to heart, you can significantly reduce janitorial service costs for your company’s benefit. Remember, you might have to spend a little money at first, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Also, if you opt for outsourcing janitorial work, make sure you are hiring a janitor that offers top-notch services at a reasonable price.

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