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The Right Tools and Mechanism Make Window Cleaning a Breeze

Growing population and massive industrialization demand changes in the way of using land resources. Skyscrapers and towers, forming residential complexes or office zone, is a result of this demand. Such vertical structures are difficult to construct and maintain, given their inaccessible heights. Skyscrapers facade cleaning was comparatively easier when glass or fiber was used only for windows.

Before the 1950s, a dedicated crew of professionals started a facade cleaning business. They used to clean the front wall and windows of large buildings facing the streets. They had a few tools and mechanism for cleaning windows. As a result, the professionals had to take risks of lives while cleaning the glass facades manually.

The Right Tools and Mechanism Make Window Cleaning a Breeze

Window Cleaning

The Right Tools and Mechanism Make Window Cleaning a Breeze

The cleaning operators find several difficulties while cleaning the glass facades and windows of the high-rise apartments. At present, there is an effective solution for the cleaning operators to do their jobs without having any risk.

Using the right tools and mechanism the cleaning team can operate the whole process with much integrity and provide quality cleaning.

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Factors Affecting Cleaning Mechanisms

The three main factors for cleaning mechanisms are cleaning tools, cleaning process with technology, and consideration of environmental conditions.

The cleaning team cannot apply the traditional methods for cleaning the high rise buildings. So, they need a cleaner with a rope-grabbing tool, rope protector, descent and safety rope, harness, descent mechanism, lanyard and suction cups which are essential for cleaning operations. Such mechanisms help the whole team to complete the task covering the entire building at a fast speed.

Besides these, natural factors like the flow of wind at the top of the buildings and temperature affect the job and increase the risk of the operators.

Cleaning Mechanisms

Gone are those days when operators used to prefer ladder and traditional methods for cleaning facades and high-rise buildings. Now, advanced technology has brought an efficient solution in these jobs including much perfection in performance.

The cleaning team uses water-fed poles which can rise to 65 feet from the ground and wash near about 1500 square meter within an hour. The operators use some of these following mechanisms which can provide quality cleaning keeping the whole team safe during the process as well:

  • Boom – this mechanism is useful for high rise buildings, which offers complete access to cleaners, with no prior assembling process, at rooftop level.
  • Carriages – this mechanism is slightly different from conventional davit systems used for cleaning purposes. Power carriages save the labor-intensive operations of moving portable davits. Lowering this system helps to make it out of view.
  • Portable Davits – it is an economical way of cleaning. The fixed davit mast provides a whole platform to the workers for cleaning purpose and it moves between fixed bases when not in use. Lowering the davits helps to keep it out of sight.
  • Bosun Chair – this mechanism deploys a single worker, positioned on a single chair for cleaning purpose. The chair has mechanisms to execute cleaning operations.

Such complexities give rise to the demand for expert cleaning solutions. Dedicated professionals look after these commercial window cleaning process and help in keeping the facades beautiful and shining.

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