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Tools Required – Do You Need a Jig for an 80 Lower?

Gunsmithing is fun, isn’t it? But that’s only if you are aware of the process and its equipment requirement.

Talking about an 80 lower and transforming it into a glorious firearm, make sure you are adequately equipped.

Do you know what tools are required? You probably do, but there is one tool that is highly essential for the process. Read further to know what that important tool is.

image - Tools Required - Do You Need a Jig for an 80 Lower?
Tools Required – Do You Need a Jig for an 80 Lower?

Tools for Finishing an 80 Lower

To transform an 80 lower into a fully functioning and charming firearm, several tools are required.

Without having proper tools, it is impossible to obtain a successfully and adequately operating weapon.

Purchasing the right equipment demands investment, but not to forget that a one-time big investment in quality equipment can last a lifetime.

Here is a List of Tools That You Must Have:

  • 80% jig with bits
  • A drill presses
  • Vise
  • Cutting fluid/oil

80% Jig – The Important Tool

Out of all the tools listed above, this 80% jig with bits, commonly known as 80 lower jig, comes into the finishing stage.

This essential tool is used for the very same purposes at home forges that CNC machines, huge industrial mills serve to make big firearms.

The best part is that it produces the same results; it is just that this tool is handier than those in factories.

In simpler words, the 80% jig works as an instructional guide for you throughout the process.

It instructs you where to drill in some holes and cut off the excess metal from, utilizing special kinds of measurement plates. It is quite helpful for you to avoid alignment mistakes.

The 80% jigs operate with bits. Here are the bits that are required to work on an 80 lower.

Read Also:

3/8″ Short Mill

This ⅜ short end mill is the standard-sized bit utilized for making cuts on the main chamber of an 80-lower receiver.

Its precise cylindrical shaft prevents crooked bits and also prevents making incorrect and rough cuts.

The best part about this bit is that it enables you to make short-length cuts very accurately.

5/16″ Long Mill

The long-end mill is known for being a great guide for cutting. It allows you to make cuts on just the accurate diameter and its long shaft helps you cut completely through the metal of the 80 lower receivers.

5/32″ Drill Bit

The 5/32″ drill bit is an essential bit for converting 80 lower into a successfully operational AR – 15 lower.

This gives you a guide on where to drill the holes and where to hammer. It helps you make very accurately aligned holes and is a universal requirement for finishing an 80 lower successfully.

3/8″ Drill Bit

This bit is yet another one that is a universal requirement for the process of finishing an 80 lower receiver into an AR-15.

This drill bit is known for laying out accurate points and guiding the right diameter for drilling holes onto the receiver. This drill bit can be found in almost all the 80 lower kits.

Jigs are an essential tool for working on 80 lowers as they get correctly aligned guidelines for holes and cuts.