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Top 7 Luxury Design Ideas for Your Home

With all of us stuck in our homes for the last year or more, it’s no surprise that we’d want to do what we can to upgrade our environs.

Home renovation projects surged during the last year as we all sought more luxury and comfort in our spaces.

If you’re wanting to add a touch of luxury to your own home, check out these seven luxury design ideas for inspiration.

image - Top 7 Luxury Design Ideas for Your Home
Top 7 Luxury Design Ideas for Your Home

1. Play With Textures

One key component of luxury design is a willingness to play with textures. Whether it’s soft velvets, woven rattans, or slats, luxury home design is all about adding a touch of texture and interest to otherwise plain surfaces.

2. A Touch of Gloss Makes Things Pop

Another key element of luxury interior design is gloss and shine. You don’t want to overload your guests’ senses with shimmer and shine, but a few glosses or metallics in key places add a touch of class.

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3. High Color Contrast Is Key to Luxury Design

Want to make your home stand out from the crowd? The high color contrast between walls and doorframes is a huge part of luxury house design.

Most builder-grade homes opt for neutrals and bland colors, so the use of deep colors and contrast can add a touch of luxe to any home.

4. Splashes of High-End Materials Make for a Luxurious Home

Even if you don’t have a massive budget for luxury interior design, you can make your home feel luxurious with the occasional pop of high-end materials. The best materials for this include marble, leather, and velvet.

5. Japandi: the Latest Trend in Luxury Home Design

The absolute latest trend in luxury design is Japandi, a blend of two different minimalist styles from Japan and the Netherlands.

It’s a simple, balanced style that can make your home feel clean and expensive. It marries form and functions in a harmonious blend that feels like a sigh of relief.

6. Add a Dedicated Home Theater Space

Want to add instant appeal to your home? Add in a dedicated home theater space, complete with comfortable velvet chaises. If you want to throw in a movie room couch for extra comfort, go for it!

7. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Another of the latest trends in luxury interior design is “biophilic design”, which basically refers to bringing the outdoors inside.

It lets you get the benefits of being outside and surrounded by nature while still enjoying the comfort that being inside can bring.

Part of this is inspired by sustainability efforts, but part is because science has confirmed what those in rural areas already knew: Being in nature is good for your psyche.

Looking for More Luxury Design Ideas?

Now that you understand some of the basics of luxury interior design, you might want a bit more guidance.

If you’re looking for more luxury design tips to bring your home to the next level, never fear. We update our blog each day with more inspiration-filled articles like this one to help you bring luxe to your life.

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