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Top 5 Questions to Have Answers to Before Hiring an Electrician

One of the hardest things as a homeowner when you know you have a problem is finding someone trustworthy to fix it for you.

Using referrals and top search engines, you can narrow down the choices for the best electricians in bayswater. However, you will still want the following questions answered before you hire.

image - Top 5 Questions to Have Answers to Before Hiring an Electrician
Top 5 Questions to Have Answers to Before Hiring an Electrician

Having electrical problems is stressful enough, so hunting for a contractor should not add to it. With these five questions, you ensure a person is qualified and legal to operate a business.

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Question 1. Are You Licensed, Insured, And Bonded?

The first question you want to be answered from any person entering your home and performing work is if they have the proper licensing.

All electricians should be able to show their credentials upon request. Certification will let you know they have been trained to do the work.

However, you also want to ensure they are insured and bonded in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you know how much their insurance covers. Finally, always validate credentials to ensure they are still active.

Question 2. How Much Experience?

With the dangers that electricity poses, it is important to know how much experience an electrician Perth has in the field.

This industry is one part book smarts and three parts of hands-on learning. For smaller projects, having an electrician that is still new in the trade is not bad.

However, complicated projects require extensive knowledge and experience. Finally, test the contractor’s familiarity by asking questions as they are working to see if they can explain the process to you.

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Question 3. Who is Will Be Doing the Actual Work?

There are three types of companies for maintenance style work. The first are small shops where the owners are the same people who perform the work.

Other companies will have owners that hire employees that are sent to complete the job. These agents are covered by the insurance and licensing by the company they work for, but you will want to verify their certification is up-to-date.

Finally, some companies are third-party and hire subcontractors to perform the work. It is important to know who will be doing the work, allowing you to verify their credentials and identify who is responsible for guaranteeing the work.

Question 4. Can I See Your Business License?

Just because a person has credentials to show they are educated to perform the work; does not mean they can legally perform the work in your area.

You should always ask to see their business license. This displays they have met the requirements to operate a company and allows you to validate their work history.

Question 5. What Warranties Do You Offer?

The final question you want to ask any contractor before having a job performed is what warranties they offer. Appliances installed have manufacturer warranties.

However, the contractors often guarantee their work as well. When you are asking about what is guaranteed, find out how long it is effective.