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Top Tips in Buying Kids’ Beds Online

In some countries like the UK, or some states in America, it is illegal for siblings of the opposite sexes to share a room when they come of a certain age.

In Australia, there is no similar legislation. However, some states like Victoria have issued a guideline for families with several children.

image - Top Tips in Buying Kids' Beds Online
Top Tips in Buying Kids’ Beds Online

Nevertheless, even if they are sharing the same room by the force of circumstance, they are entitled to separate beds. With the advent of e-commerce, you do not even have to get out of the couch to purchase kids beds online.

Here are some tips in choosing your kids’ beds:

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  1. Measure

You need to determine the size of the room where you put the bed. A large bed would take up space, so you have to factor in the desks, cabinet, dresser, and other furniture pieces.

If the kids are sharing the room, you also need to make sure they have ample bed sizes without shrinking the space too much.

  1. All-in-one-shops

Find online shops that also sell mattresses because you do not have to worry about whether or not they will fit perfectly with the bed.

You can also choose upholstered or beds with headboards, which add elegance and also make them feel like an adult.

  1. Buy According to Age

A single bed would be ideal for a toddler. Then you will graduate to a queen-size or king-size bed as your kid grows older. It is the recommended setup, particularly if you have a small home.

A single bed would not take up much space so they have extra wiggle room to play and run around. As they grow older, they will see their bedroom as a place to rest or have some privacy.

  1. Invest in the Long-term

A good bed should last you for seven to 10 years. If you bought a bed for a seven-year-old, they would be well into their teenage years before it breaks down. So, to get the most value of your money, buy a king-size bed for your seven-year-old.

Some beds come with guardrails for added security, but these are easily detachable when your child no longer needs them.

  1. Distributor Showrooms are a Plus

Showrooms give a sense of legitimacy to the seller. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to take your kids so they can lie on the bed and test its comfort. You can also picture out the size of the bed in relation to the room.

While measurements are crucial, there is no replacing the eye test. If you have no way to visit the showroom, you need to read up on the product description and the inserts to determine dimensions and other details that do not show up on the catalogue.

Of course, when purchasing kids beds online, you always have to ensure safety, flexibility, durability, and comfort.

With kids, you add two more elements in there and these are style and size. You want them to be proud of their beds and if you are lucky, motivate them to sleep more, especially the young ones.

For instance, something like a loft timber bed with a climbing wall would definitely impress any toddler. If you want to train them into sleeping alone and no longer with mummy and daddy, a fun bed will definitely encourage them to try it.

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