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3 Trending Inground Pool Ideas

There’s something about having a pool that can bring a touch of elegance to any backyard setup. Having one can also help you stay in shape, and there’s nothing more stress-relieving than relaxing in a pool at the end of a tough workday.

It can also increase your home value depending on the style you go with. There’s a lot that you have to choose from, so choosing a shape can be hard.

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3 Trending Inground Pool Ideas

We’ve got a few inground pool ideas that will make a splash with you and your neighbors. Keep reading to learn what kind of swimming pool design you should go with.

1. Dipping Pool

Many homeowners are under the misconception that they can’t have a pool if they have a small yard. This can’t be further from the truth because dipping pools exist.

You can’t do much with them, but they serve the primary function of a pool. They’ll keep you cool on a hot summer day, and you can stay active in them. There will still be enough space for you to do laps and jump around a little.

If you want to up the relaxation factor, you can install a few jacuzzi jets to massage your tired muscles or a built-in waterfall. Since the pool is on the smaller side, it’s easy to keep up with.

It doesn’t take long to catch all the debris in a net. You can also apply a wet look tile sealer to keep the tiles clean and stain-free. Dipping pools are easy on the wallet as well.

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2. Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Another thing you can do if you’re limited on space is to do an indoor/outdoor pool. You can start the pool design in your den and extend it to the great outdoors.

It gives you more room to work with, and it looks pretty stunning if you do it right. This also puts fewer limits on when you can swim. If it’s pouring down rain, you can still go for a dip as long as you stick to the inside portion.

3. Infinity Pool

If you’re feeling super fancy, you can install an infinity pool. These are the most visually appealing pools that you can build. They use a narrow edge to make it appear as if the pool is blending in with your landscape.

One concern that homeowners have with this style is safety. They worry that their children will fall off the edge. Rest assured, this won’t happen if the pool is put in by the right company.

This design is used a lot in luxury resorts, but you can have one as well. We’ll warn you that because a lot goes into the installation process, this style is a lot more expensive than the others on this list.

Amazing Inground Pool Ideas

If you want to increase your curb appeal and unwind after a long day at work, having a swimming pool is a great way to do it. If you have the right one, that is.

We hope that you’re able to use these inground pool ideas to get your design plans underway. If you’re looking for more design inspiration for your backyard, visit our blog.

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