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12 Trending Vlone T-shirt Designs of 2021

Before people used to wear T-shirts as undershirts, but in the present moment, they are mostly used as the only piece of clothing on the top half of the body.

People often choose to wear T-shirts rather than waistcoats or brassiere etc. because they are easy to wear and helps you save both time and effort.

image - 12 Trending Vlone T-shirt Designs of 2021
12 Trending Vlone T-shirt Designs of 2021

For example, if you are going to work, it would be very easy and fast to wear and change a T-shirt.

As T-shirts have become one of the basic needs of today’s life, it is very important to find the best T-shirt design for yourself that is according to your choice.

Vlone T-shirts bring the best and realistic T-shirt designs for you. And the best thing about them is that they are made of Polyester/cotton which makes them comfortable and long-lasting.

Today we are here to discuss the best trending T-shirt designs of 2021 and to help you choose the one that works for you.

1. Drawing T-shirts

One of the most fashionable T-shirt designs of 2021 is a drawing T-shirt. Drawing T-shirts are more attractive as compared to any other T-shirt design.

Drawing can bring the perfect amount of playfulness and personalization to your T-shirt design.

2. Tarot Cards

Using Tarot cards on T-shirts is one of the trending T-shirt designs of the year 2021. Tarot cards offer you to draw inspiration from a wide range of elements with their unique imagery, aesthetic, and symbolism.

3 Strong Statements

Using strong statements on T-shirts is one of the trending designs of 2021. It helps to look more confident and bold.

For example, the statement used on Vlone t-shirts is “Vlone; You live alone, and you die alone.”

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4. Hand-written Typography

Your hand-drawn font brings a distinctive tone and adds more value to your T-shirt design.

Your hand-drawn fonts can have a wide range of different moods which can be more bold, funky, retro, and delicate.

5. Multi-colored Words

Using multi-colored words on T-shirts makes it attractive and adds more value to the T-shirt design.

Making the letters colorful will add a splash of energy to your text-based design. The choice is yours. You can keep it simple with a few colors or make every letter of a different color.

6. Embroidered T-shirts

Embroidered T-shirts mainly belong to the women category. They are also one of the prettiest T-shirt designs of 2021.

7. Polo T-shirts

Another fashionable T-shirt of 2021 is Polo T-shirt. It is a tee with a collar and a few buttons, and sometimes a zip too.

You should have at least one polo tee as it is one of the modern design trends even if you don’t play golf.

8. Sleeveless T-shirts

This is a T-shirt without sleeves. It is a very usual and trending fashion nowadays. For every boy and girl, it is a must to have at least one sleeveless tee in their closet.

People mostly use these kinds of tees in the summer to avoid being so sweaty.

9. Tourist T-shirts

This is also one of the trending t-shirt designs nowadays. Some t-shirts are specially designed for tourists which has particular signs or icons for different things on them, like if you want to buy a coffee and don’t know the language of that particular area, so you don’t have to worry, you just need to show the icon of the coffee cup on your t-shirt and you will get what you want.

10 Band T-shirts

Band T-shirts are also one of the coolest T-shirt designs of 2021. You must have at least one band tee not that you belong to that particular band but to show support to the bends, now that they should not cancel all their concerts.

11. Animal Portraits

This is one of the most popular T-shirt design trends of 2021. People love this design trend due to its versatility.

You can easily feature your pet on your T-shirt by drawing some simple lines that outline its body and some facial features.

This design has become a popular trend among influencers and celebrities on social media and different platforms.

12. Arched Texts

By using the arched text you can take the typography in your design from ordinary to extraordinary.

No matter if you apply it as a full circle or half circle, using a curved text effect will enhance the quality of your T-shirt design and will make it a must-have for the community.


The above-discussed T-shirt designs are the most trending designs of the year 2021. You can choose any of them to look good and attractive.

There are also some other feature T-shirt designs like Doodle artwork, warped text, hand-written designs, 3D typography, etc.

You should choose the one that fits you. Also, don’t forget to check out Vlone T-shirts. Vlone brings you modern T-shirt designs with great quality.

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