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Twin Baby – A Proper Care Guide a Mom Needs Most

Everybody understands that twin babies are those who are born from birth at the same time. But most of the time, they cannot develop their own independent identities easily. Moreover, their birth weights are often lower than a single baby. Those are not a general issue and that’s why need extra care.

But often we do not understand that taking care of twins can be harder than taking care of two single children. So, it is not so easy to take care of a twin baby for a mother without a proper guide.

image - Twin Baby - A Proper Care Guide a Mom Needs Most

But, it can be very troublesome for a mother to get a proper guide or make their own guide. So, I have discussed here – how a mom can guide a twin baby. This will help a mother a lot.

Before going to the main portion of this content, we need to clear some thoughts about twins.

General Information About Twin

Twins are two individuals. So, we should not treat them as a package. A mother should treat them as individuals and take care of them or feed them as per their needs to develop their brain and skill.

She should individually spend time with each baby. Thus, they can think they are individuals like others.

Feeding Schedule

Twins can be of the same or different sex, but they may not have the same schedule for their food or nap. A mother can make the same or different schedule for them. But, if a mother can manage to make their schedule at the same time, it’ll make her job easier of course.

Use Twin Stroller with Appropriate Accessories

By taking a twin stroller, A mother can carry her twin baby at the same time. But, you have kept in mind that you cannot use single stroller accessories for a twin stroller, hence it needs appropriate accessories.

Like, if you want to buy a stroller rain cover for your babies, you have taken the larger one which fits your stroller.

Use of Stroller and Rain Cover

Stroller allows mom to carry babies while walking or at other times. And, rain cover can protect babies from sunlight or rain. Click here to learn more about the usages and guides of the stroller and its rain cover.

Join to Twin Mom’s Group

We all know that sharing is caring. And, different groups, clubs, or forums are developed to make this saying happen. Now, many parents stay connected in twins help club or group and they share the experiences, tips, and guidelines there.

So, you can get information about the rising of twin babies by joining this type of group. Thus, you can be benefited by sharing what you know and.

Sleep Training

At night, sleeping can become a challenge for moms of twin children. Not only twin children, but a single child can get you into trouble as same during the sleeping time arrives.

Perfect Cot can be a solution to your baby’s sleeping habit. But, if this problem becomes too serious, you should take a visit to a sleep consultant and get a sleep schedule for them. After 2 or three days of training, your life would be a million times better at night.

Control Baby Crying

A baby crying is actually annoying and if both your twin will cry at the same time, it will be very impossible. To control it, we need a proper understanding of baby comfortableness. But, finding what soothes your baby is not easy.

One’s preference is not the same as the other. Just try to understand, if there is anything you can do that soothes both your kids. After finding a way, you can keep them steady anyway, anytime.

Sharing Duty

All need to understand that nurturing a twin is the same as nurturing two single babies. And, it requires very hard work and cannot possible for a mother all the time.

So, you can share the duty with your husband. A father and a mother can take care of the twin easily.  For twin babies’ parents, it will be a good decision to make alternate duties. Ex. father can dress them while the mother showers them.

Final Tips and Advice

It isn’t that easy for parents to look after their twins without experience. That’s why it is necessary to consult with experts like a schlafcoaching baby consultant or a nurse or other twin parents.

They can help you with their experience and give your babies a proper caring schedule. After 6 months, it’ll be easier to raise them and fulfill their needs. We give a total guide in this writing. If you follow the instruction, this will help you a lot.