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Room Decor Ideas: Using Branches and Twig Decor to Decorate Your Home – Interior Home Design

Decorating with branches and twigs is one of the easiest ways to create both rustic style, and sophisticated art with a unique edge. Paint it and add some fake diamonds for artistic bling! or create unique wall art to suit your décor.

Branch Wall Art
Branch Wall Art by geishboy500 via (CC BY 2.0)

Branch Wall Art

Creating wall art from found objects has never been so easy than decorating with branches. There are several options available:

  • Make it a dry abstract look, by creating a wooden frame (or basic metal for contrast), and weave the twigs and branches in and out of each other, securing at each end with a glue gun or small pin tack. You could also try using staples to secure them, but color over them with a dark pen when you’re finished. Leave the ends as they are, cut them to shape, or add a frame over the top of them, to create some truly stunning wall art, DIY style. For an alternate option, spray paint the branches in a white or metallic color.
  • Make your decorating twigs and branches look like a tree growing on the wall, and paint the leaves onto the wall behind, for a completely unique look.

Branch Floral Arrangements / Table Centerpiece

There are two main options when creating a decorative arrangement from branches and twigs, one is rustic and natural, the other is glitzy and icy.

Branches and twigs in their natural state can be teamed with berries, seed pods, pine cones, teasels, and dried leaves to create a stunning arrangement that will last for years. To theme it for Christmas you could easily add holly, mistletoe, or pine branches.

To create an ideal centerpiece for winter weddings or the Christmas table, try making the branches “ice covered”, using diamond vase filler and glitter. Simply cover the branches with tacky glue (PVA/white glue) and smooth along the branch. Poor the fake diamonds onto a large piece of paper and roll the branches around until they stick. 

Try winding small battery-powered lights around them for extra pizzazz. For a winter wedding decoration you could also paint the branches in your theme color before decorating – white obviously works well with branches and twigs for weddings.

Branch & Twig Sculpture

If you want to create a unique decoration, then why not try making a branch and twig sculpture. This can be abstract, or try to recreate a shape or figure – animals are a good option.

You need to pick your pieces carefully and make sure they are strong enough, or bendy enough for their intended purpose. Start with the main framework utilizing your strongest and largest pieces, and build up the shape with the thinner, bendier twigs and branches.

Twig Bird
Twig Bird by cometstarmoon via (CC BY 2.0)

Use a glue gun in places where joins will not be seen, but try to utilize other natural items to tie the pieces into place, such as raffia, hessian/hemp string, and the thinner branches. Wire and twine can be used, but try and cover it over with branches afterwards, or paint/color over it in a dark color.

If stability is going to be an issue for your chosen design, then start with a wooden framework that can then be covered over with the decorative branches.

Further Ideas

Many finishing touches can be achieved by decorating with branches and twigs, to add unique style to your room’s decor.

Twig Handle Pot
Twig Handle Pot by bptakoma via  (CC BY 2.0)

    • Twig handle – cut a handful of twigs to the same size, and glue together with a glue gun. Tie with leather strips, rafia or string for a decorative pot or door handle.
    • Bunch of twigs tied with checked ribbon and hung on the wall, add detail to a country farmhouse themed room.
    • One of a kind drapery rod – Paint a long branch white or cream, or varnish and keep the wooden appearance. Attach above the window using curtain rod brackets.
    • Wreath – Create a natural looking wreath using the same materials as for the rustic floral decoration, but wind round or stick down the items onto a wreath ring.
    • Twig Printing/Painting – Use twigs as stamps by painting onto them, and then printing artistic patterns onto paper or fabric to create a different kind of wall art.
    • Photo Frames can be created easily by buying a cheap wooden frame and decorating it with branches, or cut twigs to size and stick together for a unique way to frame your amazing art.

    Whatever method you choose to use to make the most from your natural finds, you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a treehouse – use them sparingly and as finishing touches, or one stand out feature only for natural home décor style.

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