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Using Video Walls in Your Home [Infographic]

Interior design is increasingly incorporating technology into both the look and functionality of homes.

Including technology has always been a challenge for interior designers as tech has a history of being bulky, ugly looking black boxes with wires going everywhere. Fortunately, things have moved on, with nano and wireless tech now meaning electronics can look a lot neater.

Video walls aren’t a particularly new technology, they’ve been used in control rooms, stadiums and shopping malls for decades, but today they are increasingly being used in homes.

As screen technology gradually reduces in price as the technology matures, a market and appetite for home video wall use have grown and been embraced by many technologically minded individuals, not only for security but also for entertainment.

The below graphic from Userful, explains how video walls can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home. So if you’re considering improving smart capabilities of your home, then here’s a great starting point.

Using Video Walls in Your Home [Infographic]

Using Video Walls in Your Home [Infographic]

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