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5 Walkthrough Checklist to Ensure Your Home Is in Top Shape

When you are buying your new home, the final walkthrough is the last and most crucial step before you get the keys to the property.

You need to take this task very seriously because of some valid reasons.

image - 5 Walkthrough Checklist to Ensure Your Home Is in Top Shape
5 Walkthrough Checklist to Ensure Your Home Is in Top Shape

According to an article published on Trulia.com, when the seller does some repair and fixing work after the home inspection process, this is the last chance to do a reality check before you move into your new house.

You need to ensure that the property is precisely the same as your expectations when you are purchasing it. Here is how:

1. Check All Final Repairs and Fixes

First things first, you need to double-check all repair work and determine all things are fine according to the inspection summary document that you have with you.

Ensure that the seller has all receipts and warranties of the repair work done and leave those to you

. If anything is damaged or breaks later, you should have the receipts and warranties to follow up with the company that did the repairs.

2. Check the Bathrooms

Before you plop money on the seller’s table check all the bathrooms to ensure there is no water leakage, mould, or standing water in the bathtub, toilet base, and shower.

Mould can develop in a few days and so if you overlooked it during the inspection, check now and for the last time before investing in the property.

Test all toilets and make sure there is no running water. Turn on showerheads, faucets to check whether the hot water supply is there or not.

During the final walkthrough, you need to check the components do not leak or spray water once turned off. All tubs and sinks must drain the right way and quickly.

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3. Check the Things Incorporated in The Property Sale

The purchase contract is very important to understand whether all things are included in the sale are there or not.

The agreement will mention what is included in the deal and what things are excluded, be window curtains or kitchen appliances.

During the walkthrough, make sure all things are there in their place as you expect. By this time, the seller has already moved out of the property and you will move in.

Ensure that all repair and construction rubble are cleared so that you can move into your house, which is spotless, damage-free, and clean.

4. Open All Doors and Windows

You need to ensure that your property is safe before you and your family move in. Check all door and window latches to determine they are functioning or not.

Check the door locks and make note of things like missing window screens, damaged windows, or doors being stuck while opening. These little things matter when it comes to the walkthrough process.

5. Check the Kitchen Conditions

Look for signs of water leakage and mould in the kitchen as well and test all appliances like the coffee machine, toaster, gas oven, and refrigerator, whether working or not.

Focus on areas below the sink and close to the refrigerator and dishwater.


Now that you the checklist, it will make the walkthrough process easier and convenient. If any problems are detected during the walkthrough, inform the seller, fix the issues, and then move into your new home.