Clear signage is crucial in any industrial environment and this attitude should extend to the design of walkways as well. Whether a person is a long-standing employee or merely a visitor, having walkways clearly marked around the buildings can give them a more ordered outlook on the workplace in front of them.

Since industrial settings can be intimidating to inexperienced workers, it can be helpful to at least provide people with assurances on where they can walk without going wrong.

Walkways and The Importance of Signage
Floor Paint

Before applying industrial paint to the floor to create the walkways, you should spend some time on the design and safety aspects of the routes around your factory. You may want to use more than one colour if the situation is not black and white in certain spaces; for instance, if qualified engineers can safely enter a space but a passing visitor would not.

Even though it may feel as though you can tackle the design stages on your own, it is advisable that you work on the project with at least one more person. That way, you are more likely to root out problems that you may have missed, since something that would count as clear to you may be completely opaque to the next person.

This is a key point with walkways – and indeed any signage – in that it must not simply be easy to understand, it should be nigh-on impossible to not understand. This might seem like splitting hairs, but what it means is that even the most simple-minded or distracted individual would struggle not to comprehend the sign, rather than being only logically sound.

When it comes to the application your walkway design, you should find there are plenty of colours available, with some paints produced to cope with heavy-duty work while others may be preferable for oil or water-based work.