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5 Warning Signs That Your Home Has an Electrical Problem

Did you know that home electrical fires account for around 51,000 fires each year? This causes billions of dollars in damage along with severe injuries.

At the root of these fires was an electrical problem that a homeowner missed.

image - 5 Warning Signs That Your Home Has an Electrical Problem
5 Warning Signs That Your Home Has an Electrical Problem

It’s important that you recognize signs of electric issues in your home so that you can deal with the problem before it becomes worse.

Some signs are obvious and others take a little more awareness and knowledge.

Keep reading for five signs that your home has an electrical problem.

1. Flickering or Dimming Lights

No, it’s not ghosts haunting your home or an old ancestor trying to contact you. Flickering or dimming lights are likely a sign of faulty electrical wiring.

Your lights only need a small amount of power to function correctly. So, if they’re flickering or have become dimmer, it’s either the wiring or there’s an appliance on the same circuit that is using up all of the power.

You may need to move the lights to another circuit, or the energy-hungry appliance. If you try this and change the bulbs and neither work, then you have a more complicated problem.

2. Scorched, Discolored, or Smokey Outlets

Keep an eye on the electrical outlets in your home as they provide a lot of information about electrical problems in the house.

Look for any indication of burning such as unusual colors or scorch marks. Feel if there is heat coming out of the outlet or damage on the face.

If there is evidence of burning it means that the wires connected to the outlet are overheating.

This is not a good thing. You should stop using that outlet straight away and try to identify where your electrical wiring has been damaged.

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3. You’re Getting Shocked

If you have wide-scale grounding issues in your electrical system then you will receive shocks when touching metal objects that are connected to your home’s electrical system.

You may be getting shocked by electrical fixtures, but also water lines and furnace ductwork.

It’s a serious concern if your electrical system isn’t adequately grounded and can result in fire hazards or severe electrocution.

You should contact an electric company and take consideration when choosing an electrician that knows what they’re doing.

4. Damaged Electrical Wiring

Always keep a lookout in your home for damaged, frayed, or chewed electrical wiring.

Rodents, such as rats, can be a huge problem for your electrical system. Damaged wiring is a big fire and shock hazard and should be resolved immediately.

Good electrical maintenance in your home starts with ensuring that you replace damaged electric wires in your home.

5. Burning Odors

Does it smell like something is burning in your home? If so, this is a huge warning sign and requires immediate attention.

If you smell a burning or smokey odor it is likely pointing to an electrical issue in your home.

By the time you smell a burning odor, fire damage has already been done and it’s vital that you call an electric service company immediately.

Deal With An Electrical Problem As It Arises

When you identify an electrical problem it’s important to resolve it as soon as possible.

If left unattended, the problem will become more severe and can result in serious damage, fire, or electrocution.

Look out for the signs and deal with the issues as they arise.

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