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This Is Why Your Lights Keep Flickering

There it goes again. The light just flickered in the middle of your work, or your downtime, or maybe even while you’re getting ready for bed. There doesn’t seem to be any real explanation for the event, and the whole account can be described as eerie at best. Clearly, there’s only one explanation for this: you have a ghost in your house.

image - This Is Why Your Lights Keep Flickering
This Is Why Your Lights Keep Flickering

Okay, maybe before we jump to conclusions and call in the Ghostbuster squad, we need to look into any other possible reasons as to why the lights keep flickering in your home.

After all, most things in your home can be patched up with just a little troubleshooting and the right tools, and your light is probably no exception.

Keep reading to find out what causes lights to flicker so you can get them working properly once more!

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  1. It May Be a Loose Bulb

One of the most common reasons that you may have flickering lights is because of a loose bulb.

Of course, the seat that the bulb sets in is connected to the overall circuit; if the bulb fails to establish a secure connection, the current will be faulty as a result of the bulb repeatedly connecting and disconnecting to the circuit itself.

Usually, this can be fixed by something as simple as tightening the bulb to make it secure.

  1. You Could Have a Faulty Light Switch

As another crucial aspect of the circuit, the light switch is what allows power to course through to the light system. If there seems to be a problem with the light, this is a good place to start finding answers.

If you believe it may be a light switch, make sure to stop using it to prevent further damage and buy a replacement before using the lights once more.

  1. There Might Be Too Much Energy Usage

Most people wouldn’t think about this being the case, but having other equipment on a particular circuit in the house can be draining on your light, especially if the equipment is heavy-duty.

The circuits in your house are designed to only carry so much power on the current, so if your light is flickering you may need to remove some equipment from the outlets in your home.

  1. It May Just Be the Type of Light

When it all comes down to it, it may be the type of light bulb you’re using. Fluorescent bulbs use what’s called inductive ballast to control the amount of current that goes through the bulb, and a disruption of power could cause it to flicker.

If you happen to see this more often than you should, a switch to an incandescent or LED bulb should do the trick.

Think you’ve found out what’s causing the curious case of flickering lights in your home? The next step is to contact a certified specialist such as those from Martindale Construction & Electric to handle the electrical work and get you going again. You (and your ghost) will be glad that you did!

Now You Know Why the Lights Keep Flickering

With your light problems solved, you can get back on track with doing things smoothly in your home. Check out our website for more ways that you can improve your life and find success in everything you do. We’re sure you’re going to like what you see!

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