Are you planning on getting some new floors?

Flooring is an essential part of every household. It creates an open space for furniture around the house. However, it’s a house material that also gets worn out.

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5 Warning Signs That You Need New Floors

The signs of wear and tear will depend on the floor’s material. Most will determine whether replacing or fixing is the solution.

To avoid accidents, it’s essential to notice these signs of wearing. Here are five signs you need to replace your floor. Read on and learn more:

1. Consistent Creaking Noises

Creaking noises are a common warning sign that your floor is past its prime. It mostly happens with wooden flooring.

The cause of sudden noises is due to the floorboards. They adjust according to the temperature or humidity. It later expands or loosens the floor, hence the creaking noise.

Another cause of creaking is due to loose boards with far joists. It’s an indicator that the flooring is too old, meaning a simple floor repair isn’t enough. Now isn’t the time to skimp on materials.

The best way to fix this issue is to choose new flooring as a replacement.

2. Uneven and Cracked Surfaces

Another sign of a worn floor is a cracked or uneven appearance. It can happen to both wood and tiles. It’s a reason why the hardwood flooring vs tiles debate began.

The damage means the flooring has weak panels from either moisture or rot. It’s a serious concern since it could later result in water damage to your home. If caught earlier, call a flooring company to replace and fix any damage.

3. Floor Stains and Discoloration

Stains are a common household problem. However, if you spot a heavy forming stain, it’s best to replace the floor immediately.

The stain or discoloration is due to the floor’s age. Exposure to the sun or water will change the color as the stain goes deeper. If the stain turns black, it means the flooring sustained a lot of damage and needs replacement.

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4. Prominent Musk Smell

A musky smell coming from the flooring is an alarming sign. It usually means a mildew and mold infestation within or beneath your floor. The mold can later affect your family’s health, so it’s better to replace them immediately.

5. Termite Damages

Termites can damage even the most durable flooring. Once they infest the floor, they’re difficult to remove. It’s what makes repair almost impossible.

The best way to fix this problem is to replace the floor entirely. It ensures your floor has no termites, preventing further infestation.

Know These Signs of Needing New Floors Today

We hope these tips help you to get new floors. Don’t let old flooring cause accidents in your home. Install a new floor and enjoy the benefits today.

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