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3 Ways your Business will Benefit from a Dumbwaiter Installation

There are several ways that your business will benefit from a dumbwaiter. The question here is, how’s a dumbwaiter different from any other lift? Well, the difference is that it’s a lift designed just for the purpose of moving objects between the floors.

I know, this introduction isn’t enough for you to really make sense of an object lift. Let me help you clear that out.

Let’s take an example of a restaurant that has several floors. Without a dumbwaiter lift, there will be people assigned to carry food around through a fleet of stairs or in a passenger lift from floor to floor.

image - 3 Ways your Business will Benefit from a Dumbwaiter Installation
3 Ways your Business will Benefit from a Dumbwaiter Installation

This isn’t really a good option since the food might get cold, the risk of the waiters tripping over is high and hygiene is also an issue.

Either this solution or having kitchens on each floor is. But the latter isn’t really feasible as well because that means hiring kitchen staff for each floor too.

Get what I’m saying? It’s simple, the lesser time the food takes from the stove to the customer table the better it is! All this is solved by having service lifts installed.

This helps the staff present in the kitchen, the chefs, and the café serving staff a lot.

It helps to pass things between floors without perilous or tedious excursions with glass plates and such.

Hotels use dumbwaiters for moving things like clothing or cleaning items between floors.

Big private homes use dumbwaiters as well. Service lift/dumbwaiters are usually present at serving height. It is convenient for areas with two to six stories.

Doing your research before installing is a good idea because according to this post.

there are different types of dumbwaiters. At the end of the day, the machine needs to be taken care of too.

A timely maintenance check should be sufficient for it to stay in a healthy working condition.

1. Reduction in Cost

It is easy and cheap to install a dumbwaiter at your home or at any commercial area.

It can also have several uses in office buildings but it’s most commonly seen in the food industry.

It can move objects much faster and can do more work than any employee which means that the business can minimize labor costs.

Moreover, using a dumbwaiter to move things between floors lessens the danger of harm or unwanted losses which is discussed in detail in the next point.

2. Work Safety

Carrying objects through the stairs is okay if it isn’t a recurring need. But if you’re business requires objects to be moved around in a routine, there are risks. To list a few:

  • People can get hurt
  • Unwanted damages to property that’s being carried around

Carrying huge and heavy objects all over steps can cause back pain issues too.  With dumbwaiters, these risks are minimized and objects are moved between floors safely/ Handling objects transit is problematic for the staff.

It is better if a dumbwaiter is present as it is a far safer option and easy to handle.

It doesn’t just save time or injuries; it also ensures the product itself is moved safely without any unwanted damage in transit.

3. Efficiency

This service lift, along with improving the service will also lift up labor efficiency for your business.

Inside a business, efficiency is key Assuming workers can save time by not shipping things, means that they’re available to make sure other aspects of the business can run all the more smoothly.

A dumbwaiter removes these concerns. Dumbwaiter takes off a lot of burden from the employees. People who were occupied with carrying things can now be put to better use.


Gone are the times when elevators were built for people. Machines are here to make things much easier and safer for us and that is exactly what a dumbwaiter does for businesses and corporations that can use a hand to move things across floors.

To put it clearly you need a helpful method to move things that aren’t too huge between floors such as food, clothing, or junk the most efficient way to do that is installing dumbwaiters.